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Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Activision Blizzard being sued for being too Massive?


Who ever knew that you can sue a company for being too massive? Well, San Jose gamer Erik Estavillo feels that it’s a legit cause. After his suit against SONY for, in his words, “a violation of his First Amendment rights” after being banned from the PSN while playing Resistance: Fall of Man was thrown out in September, he decided to go after Microsoft and Nintendo earlier this month. Mr. Estavillo claims that he incurred undue stress due to his Xbox 360 being broken, and that an update to the Wii system interfered with his “inalienable right to pursue happiness” when he was blocked from accessing the Homebrew Channel. We all expect these lawsuits to get thrown out.

But now the plot thickens; it appears that he will also be suing Activision Blizzard for creating and maintaining a “harmful virtual environment”???? Really??? He also went on to complain about the monthly subscription fee being too expensive, and how they make you walk everywhere so it takes excruciatingly long with fast travel options like teleportation stones being available only to gamers who are at a high level or through purchasing expansion packs. I won’t bore you with the rest of the fees that he is complaining about, but I will say the list is long. I will however go into the medical conditions he says that he incurred due to playing World of Warcraft:

Major Depression
OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)
Panic Disorder
Crohn’s Disease

And apparently suicidal tendencies, because as he states he doesn’t want to end up like the EverQuest guy who committed suicide, because he basically relies on video games for the little happiness he can achieve in his life. I’m sorry but that is pathetic. Your life should have a balance to it; If you rely solely on a game for happiness then why are you even alive right now because every game (there are no exceptions) will let you down and stress you out.

What’s even worse is the fact he is having two “celebrities” subpoenaed: Winona Ryder, because of her appreciation for Catcher in the Rye, and Martin Lee Gore of Depeche Mode because “he himself has been know to be sad”. Estavillo is seeking $1 million in punitive damages and a court order forcing Activision Blizzard to address all the problems he has alleged in the suit.

If these companies were smart they would counter sue. LAWYERED