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Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Alison Haislip T1GN’s Gaming Goddess

Okay, so it’s time for another installment of The One Gaming Nation’s Gaming Goddess.  I know it was supposed to be weekly but I dropped the ball.  It happens.  Like always, if you know of any hottie that should be a T1GN gaming goddess drop us a line and let us know.  It can be a celebrity, a pseudo-celebrity, or that hot chick next door that owns you in COD.  We are open to your suggestions, and fair warning- these articles may not be safe for work and might violate a few restraining orders filed against yours truly, but who cares.

In this installment of Gaming Goddess we bring to you The Awesomeness that is Alison Haislip.  We have the privilege to pray at the Altar of Haislip…wait, was that too creepy?  I think it was, but I don’t care.  We all have the privilege to pray at the Altar of Haislip every weeknight on G4tv’s “Attack Of The Show” where she sometimes co-hosts, tells us the daily news in the feed, or hosts other segments on the show.  She also hosts most “Ninja Warrior” specials.  Being on G4 doesn’t automatically make her a Gaming Goddess, but wanna know what does?  It’s the fact that she plays games, because, ya know, that always helps.  Okay, so scrounging up info on Miss Haislip is hard, but here is what I gathered from watching G4 too much and the roaming the internet:

She was born and raised in New Jersey- a fact I know because of her fierce defense of Jersey after “The Jersey Shore” aired and her video blog about how excited she was to get free Bon Jovi action figures.  Alison began working for G4 after an employee at the network started talking to her about the old school Nintendo necklace she wore while she was tending bar in LA.  A few months after becoming an on air personality she launched her website, alisonhaislip.com, where she began video blogging about random things.  One post focused on on her trying to get a Ford Fiesta, and in another she complained about Sony losing her HDTV, which she purchased to get a better experience playing Prince of Persia.  Other posts have been about Left 4 Dead, Xbox and other random nerd things.  Alison is also an actress; she has been in nine movies so far and filming more.

So there ya go.  That’s our new Gaming Godess Alison Haislip, who, even though she has an odd New Jersey genetic defect that makes her Love Bon Jovi, has earned a spot in our hearts and our controllers.

  • Alison was Cammy?! Kick ass!!

    Olivia was Chun-Li. So all that's left is for Kristen Adams to dress up as C. Viper and Blair Butler as Rose.

  • TheBionicAnkle

    oh man she read it and she isnt suing Epic win!!!! follow alison on twitter @alisonhaislip