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Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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ATTN: Infinity Ward and Activision Full Evacuation Imminent

West (left) and Zampella (right)

As we all know the heads of Infinity Ward and creators of Call of Duty, Vince Zampella and Jason West, were fired in March, and as a result created Respawn Entertainment.  Well, since that time about seventeen Infinity Ward employees have resigned, and seven of them moseyed on down to Respawn.  Thanks to Kotaku we know that those seven are:

– Chris Cherubini, lead environmental artist on Modern Warfare
– Todd Alderman, lead designer on Modern Warfare 2
– Mackey McCandlish, lead designer on Modern Warfare 2
– Jon Shiring, programmer on Modern Warfare 2
– Mark Grisby, lead animator on Modern Warfare 2
– John Paul Messerly, lead animator on Modern Warfare 2
– Rayme C. Vinson, software engineer on Modern Warfare 2

Even the promise of spreading the wealth (the wealth being West and Zampella’s bonuses) isn’t enough to keep these aboard a ship that they all know is sinking.  Some are acting surprised by the mass exodus and others are not, I see it like this (and keep in mind I do not have all the facts, I am simply going on what information is out right now): Activision saw that West and Zampella lived up to their end of the contract, and when they saw the amount of money they were gonna have to pay in bonuses, Activision acted swiftly to nip that in the bud, because heads of a company can always be replaced, right?  Not when the company was built from the ground up by those men.  Loyalties are formed and trust is built, and after the shady way Activision, the parent company of Infinity Ward, treated the men responsible for creating a world record breaking franchise, they all know that none of them are safe, so offering crumbs to the masses isn’t going to appease these hard working men and women.

All of these problems and bad PR doesn’t bode well for Activision and the Call of Duty Fans.  With a lot of the lead guys leaving for greener pastures, where does that leave new DLC for Modern Warfare 2Modern Warfare was the breath of fresh air the FPS genre needed to get out of its WWII rut, and if West and Zampella win (and I have a feeling they will) that will mean COD cannot go past the Vietnam War (which we lost), so what are they going to do go back to World War 2, and who’s gonna make these games, Treyarch?  Please, I will never buy another Treyarch game after torturing myself by playing World at War!

Plus, the guys over at Respawn have already said that the next game they will be making will be of the “Summer Blockbuster” variety.  So I’m thinking the old gang is getting back together for another run at Medal of Honor.

What do you think?