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Metal Gear Survive Review

If you have come here hoping for a glowing review of Konomi’s newest entry into the Metal Gear¬†franchise, you will be sorely mistaken. If you were hoping that without the guidance of Kojima, Konami would be able to make a

Time for an UPGRADE | Ben 10 – EP4

Apparently XLR8 doesn’t know how to jump!?

Hilda Berg | Cuphead EP 4

It’s been a while since I’ve played Cuphead, so what better way to reacquaint myself than with a boss fight with Hilda Berg!

Do You Want To Build A Snowman!!! | Animal Super Squad

You spoke I listened…I give you Community levels!

Press Garden Zone 2 | Sonic Mania

Once again the games saves are trash so I had to play zone one all over again just to get to Zone 2.

Heading to the Cemetery | Murdered: Soul Suspect

Helping Joy with her investigation at the cemetery.

Hitting The Open Road… | Trackmania Turbo PT2

Of a closed track!

The Steam Powered Jumpy Car | Animal Super Squad PT5

No more Toilet Chicken we’ve been upgraded!

Mystery Driver | Murdered: Soul Suspect – PT 2

Solving a drunk diving mystery and sneaking into the Salem Police Department.

How Does A Ghost Smoke? | Murdered: Soul Suspect – PT1

Finally sitting down to play a game I’ve been trying to play for like 3 years….Murdered: Soul Suspect.