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This is Toxic | Sonic Mania EP 3

Time we head to the toxic chemical plant!

Scouting Patrol The Farm | Destiny 2

Don’t know what activating the fire pit at The Farm does..well neither do we so lets find out.

Robotnik Has Metal Arms? | Sonic Mania 2

Let’s see what Robotnik is working with!

The Beautiful Green Hills | Sonic Mania 1

Time to finally play a good Sonic game!

Vexual Healing Livestream | Destiny 2

Team Vexual Healing suit up in Destiny 2 to level up!!

Cluster Bomber Achievement Guide | Ghost Recon Wildlands

Still having trouble with the Cluster Bomber Achievement, look no further we have you covered.

A Better Mousetrap Achievement Guide | Ghost Recon Wildlands

Can’t find the right place to get the “A Better Mousetrap” Achievement well look no further than this video!

It’s So Pretty!! | Destiny 2 PC Beta

Wanted to check out Destiny 2 on PC heard it was gorgeous but had to see the difference for myself.

Here’s a Clip Show…because of the weather

Because I am prepping for a hurricane here are some clips from videos never released.

Blade Thief | Halen

Checking out a pretty cool game with the same look at RWBY!