Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Bad Company 2 or Modern Warfare 2?

I have sat down and played both of Modern Warfare 2 and Bad Company 2 extensively, and I am here today to give you the honest truth about which of the two games you should be playing.


The story in MW2 is more in-depth and very rich.  Also, it is longer with 18 levels, whereas BC2‘s story is only 13 missions long and can be completed fairly quickly provided that you’re a steady shot and you don’t go searching for the uplinks to destroy and collectible weapons.  That’s one for Modern Warfare 2.


The characters in Bad Company are very lifelike and full of personality.  Sometimes it’s a little too much, but never enough that it is annoying.  Modern Warfare 2 characters just feel like your typical military bad asses.  In BC2 you get a little back story on each of the characters, like Sweets is from New Jersey and Haggs is from Texas, and when he dies wants to be buried in Arlington, Texas with his Dallas Cowboys.  That’s one for Bad Company 2.


Both are visually beautiful, but Bad Company 2 has something most other shooters do not: a fully destructible environment.  There is no ducking for cover and waiting it out, because you’ll be sitting behind cover when all of the sudden that wall gets blown in towards you and you just took a shit ton of damage.  The destruction factor is a big sale for me when it comes to a realistic feel, so that’s another one for Bad Company 2.


A story that’s lacking can suck, but you can cope as long as they have a decent multi-player.  Modern Warfare 2 is an easy-to-pick-up-run-and-gun style of a game where the lone wolf mentality is the norm, and that can be fun – for a while.  Now, on MW2 we have a steady stream of glitches and hacks, and every time one is fixed another one appears…and don’t get me started on the lag.  Today the first Map Pack DLC will come for MW2 (for the Xbox 360, PS3 unfortunately has to wait another month) and I personally feel to charge that much (1200 MS Points/$14.99 ) is unfair for a currently broken multi-player.

Bad Company 2 has 3 multi-player game modes: Squad Deathmatch, Rush, and Conquest.  Dice keeps it simple, letting the experience speak for itself.  In mutli-player as in single player, everything is destructible so, like I said before, there is no hiding behind cover because the enemy can literally bring the house down around you.  Up to 24 players and 4 teams fight to win on what is currently only a handful of maps, but new DLC is coming soon, and if you received the VIP code new maps are supposedly free.  If you bought the game used and the code obliviously did not come with it you can purchase it for $10.

In Bad Company 2 you’re not subjected to stupid logic defying perks, host advantage loop holes and faulty host migration.  In BC2 you have to earn every rank and weapon attachment, and because of the dedicated servers there is almost no lag and no more host advantages.  There are no perks to unfairly boost skill by letting someone jump off a building, taking no damage and knifing someone from around a corner.

There are no kill streak rewards like MW 2 that allow people that are already dominating a match to further make a spectacle.  Whatever vehicles assigned to a map are readily available for whoever can get to it.  Where the buildings do not regenerate and become rebuilt the vehicles after being destroyed do.  So that is yet another point for Bad Company 2.


I like both games don’t get me wrong, but Infinity Ward needs to fix there shit, Dice has had a single problem so far (problems with servers) and they fixed it within a week.  With Modern Warfare 2 we are lucky if IW gets to it within in a month.  If you want a game that is flood with adolescents, glitches and flawed gamplay , but is easy to pick up an play then go for Modern Warfare 2.  If you prefer a game where you play on dedicated servers so there is no lag, and leveling up requires actual skill, plus you want to blow up campers in buildings with 7 different kinds of tanks or like 5 different kinds of helicopters then go with Battlefield: Bad Company 2.


It seems the Stimulus Map Pack is all ready riddle with problems, everyone that shelled out the 1200 MS Points can not play the maps.  Microsoft screwed up and now have to do a title update which they said they are doing, but people are have problem even downloading it now, although Microsoft has said they will still be able to download it just not play it yet.   Maybe thats why they extended the Double XP Weekend?!?!?