Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Batman Arkham Origins 10/25/13

So, everybody heard the news that there is a new Batman game in the pipelines this year entitled “Batman: Arkham Origins.” My first question: is Rocksteady making it? The answer: no! Now, in the latest issue of “Game Informer,” Sefton Hill, director of the previous two Batman titles, said “Rocksteady is excited to see WB Games Montreal developing the prequel to the Batman Arkham franchise.”

I am very glad that Mr. Hill has faith in WB Games Montreal.   I, however, need more, especially after this wonderful comment published in the same article from “Arkham Origins” creative director Eric Holmes: “It gives us the opportunity to refresh things a bit, refresh characters, refresh ideas, refresh the dynamic between Batman and other characters, and refresh the world, too.”

That just makes me nervous. What exactly is there to “refresh?” I have this really bad feeling that they are going to try and do something that will seem enticing to an untapped market of consumers and it will just make the game bad. But alas, until we get more info these images will have to do.