Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Battlefield 3 Beta Update #1

Dice has been hard at work making sure that our voices are heard about all the issues we are finding in the open beta of Battlefield 3.  Today Dice released on their blog their fist list of updates to Battlefield 3 here are just a few of the fixes to come.

  • Fixed occasional client crash when reviving.
  • Fixed killcam showing glitched area under map if your killer is dead.
  • Issue with spawning on dead squad mates fixed.
  • Fixed a bug where shooting at a moving enemy could cause more than the intended amount of damage.
  • Crosshairs for shotguns have been replaced with a new, thinner, art.
  • A subtle low health screen effect has been added.
  • Tweaked scores of Medals and Service Stars.
  • Tweaked the Rank progression.
  • Pushing prone on console will not play the animation twice.

Now please keep in mind that these changes are not going to happen in the beta, so please do not bitch on my site or on the Battlefield forums. For a full list of problems to be fixed go to the News section in Battlelog.

  • Anonymous

    Found my First Issue with the Game It takes way too fucking long to level up and when ya finally do you unlock useless shit…I dont care what Dog Tag I unlocked and why would I want to unlock a scope for my sniper rifle thats weaker then the scope that is attached to the gun to begin with

    • How is the leveling system and issue? All the Battlefield games are like that it’s supposed to be challenging this isn’t Call of Duty where you can reach prestige in a weekend. The dog tags thing though I agree with it’s basically the same thing as COD with the titles.