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Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Battlefield 3…Raising the Bar

Let us start with this the gameplay trailer for “Battlefield 3”:

The video shows pretty awesome footage, doesn’t it?  Well, the funny thing about the video is that the console versions probably aren’t going to look that good.  While talking to Videogamer.com, DICE executive producer Patrick Bach said that “the console ports will lack the higher resolution, the higher frame rates, the anti-aliasing, the motion blur.”  That’s right, the awesome shit that we see in the trailer we won’t have on the Xbox 360 and the PS3.  Even better is the fact that only a small percentage of PC gamers will even be able to experience the levels of awesomeness that they have been testing the game.

-via Videogamer.

Now, we still have a silver lining my console brothers and sisters.  No, we aren’t going to have the superbly high end resolution and frame rates that those select few with top-of-the-line high-end PCs will experience, but just like with “Battlefield: Bad Company 2,” the differences between the two platforms should be limited.  “BC2” was of course better on the PC, but that’s because it was built for the PC.  It was still a beautiful, excitingly fun game that was fantastically ported to the consoles.  In my opinion it should have killed the “COD” franchise, but the casual gamer will always win out.

Multiplayer is going to be amazing with dedicated servers (which, in my opinion, is always going to be required to have a proper multiplayer experience) and up to 64 players.  It could handle “MAG” like numbers, but as DICE CEO Patrick Soderlund has stated in an interview with AtomicMPC, “We’ve done substantial research into this and tested 128 and that it’s not fun.”  I am very happy that he has the players in mind when making decisions like that.  He could have easily just had the game set to the max amount and been like “Look at this.  “COD,” could never handle this”, and as “MAG” proved, nobody wants to play in rooms like that.

If that isn’t enough to wet your appetite, here is a list of Multiplayer features that have been confirmed straight from the “Battlefield 3” Blog:

  • Players: 64 players on PC, 24 players on Xbox 360/PS3.
  • No Commander. Commander feature won’t be included, as DICE will focus on “lowering the threshold” for players.
  • 4 classes, just like in Bad Company 2. DICE feels this is the sweet spot for the game.
  • Battlefield 2 maps, several BF2 maps will return in a DLC called “Back to Karkand”. The maps are: Strike at Karkand, Gulf of Oman, Wake Island and Sharqi Peninsula.
  • New squad features. DICE plans to take the squad system to the next level, offering new features. According to the Game Informer interview, DICE says, “We have some really cool things that we’ll show later when it comes to dictating how you play with friends“.
  • Weapons and unlocks. BF3 will have more weapons and unlocks than in Bad Company 2, which itself had the most weapons and unlocks of any Battlefield game to date.
  • Deeper persistence, rankings. One of the issues with Bad Company 2 was that most of the weapons were unlocked before reaching half of the ranks. Says DICE in the GI interview, “we’re also making sure that there is a reason for you to reach the top rank. It doesn’t just end. There will be a lot of focus on persistence and how we present stuff to the player.”
  • Jets will return, so far only the US F18 and Russian Mig 29 have been spotted in various trailers.
  • Prone will return, DICE will counter prone will killcam, bullet traces and other ways in order to balance the gameplay.
  • Killcam will be back and it will be a feature that can be turned on/off on server to server basis.
  • DICE will have more focus on post-release content (DLC)
  • Co-op for the single player campaign
  • No mod tools at release.