Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Bioshock 2 Review

My buddy Dan, over at Nerdpundit recently wrote a post basically saying in a round about way that because of the ending of the first game there shouldn’t be a sequel, and I disagree. So far, the story is just as engaging as the first set 8 years after the conclusion of the first. You play as the first Big Daddy – Delta. Delta is woken up from a coma, to find that the little sister assigned to him (Eleanor) has been taken from him. Now,  you search through the decaying city of Rapture, aided by your former little sister to find her and save the other little sisters.

While the classic enemies of Bioshock 1 return, they are accompanied by new additions, such as the vicious Brute Splicer and the vastly agile Big Sister who often makes you feel like you are the one who needs protection. The weapons in Bioshock 2 are similar to it’s predecessor.  The classic plasmids return with the ability to charge them up for greater effects and the Big Daddy Drill is a great new addition as is the spear gun, which allows you to pin enemies to walls….much like the Predator Weapon(Like in the AvP game).

The gameplay again is pretty solid; much the same as the first, although now you can travel outside the city underwater. It’s pretty cool I haven’t gotten to a point where you could possibly fight out there, I’ll either keep you updated or you could update me. All the baddies you know and lover are back with the addition of the Brute Splicer, and Big Sister.

Multiplayer seems pretty cool, I have only played about 20 minutes, so I am only a level 2.  As Dan again said, it would have been cool to have played at a time when Rapture was beautiful and well maintained, and that wish come true. 1958 is the setting for multiplayer, you play as one of a handful of splicers in either free-for-all or team based games like Civil War where you’re pitted against another team during the battle that destroyed Rapture.  I like the idea that you get to be part of the reason why Rapture fell into disarray.

I plan on going more into detail about multiplayer after spending at least 2 hours in it. For now I can say that If you’re a fan of Bioshock 1 then you should definitely pick up the sequel and on a side note Take Two has confirmed that there will be a Bioshock 3.