Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Borderlands 2 Review

Oh, how I have missed Pandora, from the subtle, “Unce unce unce unce, oh check me out” of Claptrap, to the “gazillion” weapons you can find and use to rampage your way through the wasteland. Last time I was saving everyone’s asses I was the soldier Roland; this time around I decided to play it a little differently.  This time I am the Comando Axton, and with my trusty turret I am wreaking havoc on Pandora.

“Borderlands 2” takes place five years after the conclusion of the previous game. Handsome Jack used our original Vault Hunters to open up the vault and defeat the Destroyer.  Eridium is now flourishing on Pandora, and Jack used this new mineral to seize control of the Hyperion Corporation.  Now, a new group of Vault Hunters are making their way to Pandora.  You play as one of four (soon to be five) Vault Hunters that have been lured into a trap by Handsome Jack. After surviving HJ’s dubious attack and being “rescued” by Claptrap, you start on your journey of revenge as either Axton, Maya, Zer0, or Salvador.

Just like its predecessor, “Borderlands 2” is a first person shooter with role-playing elements. Back are the 3-branch skill trees, the four player co-op and class mods. They added a four-seat drift-able car and a more challenging artificial intelligence (AI). While more NPC’s will be seen around Pandora, you really get to see how the AI has been reworked when facing the enemy. They will flank, take cover when wounded (the rats will pick up fallen shields),and the enemy now will even follow you up that mountainside you love to climb to allow your shield and health to build back up.  Basically, they work as a team to hunt your ass down and kill you.

Certain enemies, like Psychos, will still run face-first into your shotgun, while other enemies like the Field Rats, Lab Rats and Midget Rats will think more about the attack and leave you scrambling to get that kill to give you a second breath. Thief Rats, like their name would imply, will steal from you if the get too close.

The Mechs are pretty bad ass to fight as well.  If you have good aim you can sometimes dismantle them pretty quickly.  My method is pretty simple: take out the arms first, and if they still haven’t gone down, land a critical shot right in their eyes. The problem with not taking the Mechs out quickly enough is that they call for repair bots. That’s why I love my Comando (formerly Soldier), because when things start to get hairy, I drop Henrietta (yeah I named my turret), roll out and and go loot the area.

Probably the best part of the game is the the writing. This game is hilarious!  Claptrap is funnier.  The interactions between other Vault Hunters and NPC’s are funny. By far, my favorite NPC is Tiny Tina. Ashly Burch did a fantastic job as Tiny Tina, so much so that I am hoping they have a nice size DLC featuring her because she needs to be pushed into the spotlight.

The loot is really the only thing I am having a problem with.  I am not finding any good weapons, whether it be single player or co-op.  Everything that drops from fallen enemies or things I find in the loot boxes are three to four, and on rare occasions up to seven levels, lower than my character’s level. You can go to Marcus or one of the Gun Boxes and buy a weapon, and I would say that I already have and they still aren’t as good as the level 13 weapons that I found when I was a level 13.

That is really my only complaint, and the only fault I can find from at least 20 hours of gameplay. No, I have not beaten the game yet because I have am a sucker for side quests, so when a fair amount of side quests open up I hold off on the main story and clear them out then continue the main story until more pop up.

“Borderlands 2” is a game WORTH YOUR MONEY! Replay value on this game is extremely high.  If you don’t own this game, go out and buy it right now.

Final Verdict on “Borderlands 2”:

5 out of 5