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Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Bulletstorm Review

Bulletstorm was on a lot of peoples’ games-of-2011-to-watch lists, and with its recent release we ask, was it really worthy of being on those lists?

When this game was announced and I saw the people involved, I really wasn’t all that excited, mainly because I am not a fan of Gears of War.  Yeah, the story is okay, but everything else about the game just annoys me.  I won’t go into this any further because this isn’t the time or the place (plus I could write about the subject for a while and I would like to keep this brief).

You play as Gray, leader of the now most wanted military trained, government sanctioned hit squad known as Dead Echo.  Upon finding out that you aren’t killing evil doers but rather innocent civilians, you start a war with your former commander that leaves both of your ships and the majority of their crew members dead and stranded on a hostile planet.

What I love about the game is the face that they talk like real soldiers.  Yes people, during a war soldiers do not say stuff like “dang it.”  They curse…a lot.  More importantly, they are very inventive with their curse words, just like me.  All of the characters are chock full of personality and I love that about the game.  Even Ishi, the whiny cyborg, was great; he kept a good balance with the rest of the characters.

Unlike GOW, when you run you actually look as though you are running.  I always hated in GOW that when you would run it just seemed like a fat kid running up a flight of stairs that knew there was no cake waiting for him at the top; there was no real sense of speed, just clunky camera shaking.  This is not the case Bulletstorm, though.  If you’re running it looks and feels like you’re running, and even better is the sliding feature.

When sliding you are able to kick enemies into the air, making just the people hit slow down and it becomes a lot easier to attack.  This is very handy when you’re playing on one of the harder difficulties and enemies are everywhere.  Now this does bring up a good point: the enemy A.I. is a joke at best.  I understand that games these days are geared towards the casual gamer, but needing to play on the hardest difficulty to have any sort of a challenge is a little retarded.

Although the weapons do seem pretty cool, there are only 6 or 7 of them and they feel as though they are just leftovers from GOW.  The leash was pretty cool to use, grabbing enemies and whipping them towards you just so you could kick them into an environmental, but that’s pretty much all you could do with it.  Well, that and a pulse drop that sends enemies into the air.  There is no customization at all throughout this game, and thats a shame because it would have helped the game a lot.  “Echoes” is okay to play I guess, but all it really is is just time trials.  It uses all the same boards, just shorter versions and all the enemies come at you the same way they did in single player.

I can’t even begin to review multiplayer because I have yet to be able to go on to a single match.  Every time I try to get onto a match, the second it connects I’m booted out.

With a little more tweaking this could have been a game that could stand on its own instead of just being Gears of Wars foul mouthed little brother.  Even so, to me it was still a lot more fun to play than Gears of War.

Final Verdict for Bulletstorm:

3.5 out of 5