Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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bunnyXablaze T1GN’s Gaming Goddess

Look at that devious angel face

Like we have stated readers can nominate lovely ladies for the coveted title of Gaming Goddess and if we feel they have what it takes we will happily bestow them the title.  Reader @ARKARONX nominated bunnyXablaze.

Dragons have never looked so awesome!

Katy is a 22 year old living in Virginia with her dogs, is of course a gamer and is a muscle car enthusiast.  In 2007 she was pick to be in Michael Franzini’s book 100 Young Americans, also she is the winner of GotCast.com’s Search for G4TV’s Next Gamer Girl.

Check out this Gaming Goddess Gaming Room.

While sit here envious of her sweet gaming sanctum, also take notice of just how how Katy is:

Katy can be found on these site but please note you are to be respectful if you attempt contact.  Don’t be douche bags, treat Gaming Goddess’ with respect, and if you leave comments anything out of line with be deleted.





and her very own website bunnyxablaze.net (which is also where you can find these and more photos of bunnyxablaze)