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Call of Duty: Black Ops Review

Here at T1GN, views vary greatly from game to game, and a hot button issue around the office is Call of Duty: Black Ops.  So, I decided that instead of just one person writing a review, it would be a communal effort.

Single player

The Good-

The Bionic Ankle:

Out of the last four next gen Call of Duty games, Black Ops has the best the story.  It’s filled with a few twists, nice appearances from JFK and Fidel Castro, an M.Night Shymalan twist at the end that, after a while, most people probably saw coming at some point, even if they didn’t right from jump street, but then ya get hit with another twist right at the end that I couldn’t see coming.  That’s how the game’s story goes; you play through a series of memories of the main character Alex Mason for the most part.  A few missions are played from the perspective of his CIA handler, Jason Hudson, and one is played as Reznov- yes, Reznov- from World at War, and because Treyarch couldn’t help themselves, you flash back to WWII, which I hafta say I wanted to throw my controller through the screen when they flashed me back.  Also, for me playing missions with a character voiced by Ed Harris was awesome.  It made me flash back to the movie “The Rock,” because in the movie he was running black ops missions in Vietnam…dunno if they did that on purpose or if it was just a coincidence.


The single player aspect of the game blows me away.  Inventive story, great plot twists, the graphics are beautiful, the voice acting is even a step up.  For all the idiots out there that only pick up COD for the multiplayer, stop being a FUCKING noob; you’re missing the best part of the game.

The Bad –

The Bionic Ankle:

Your AI teammates and enemies are stupid, and I do mean stupid.  They would follow me into the room and stand there as an enemy snuck up from behind and killed me.  They would also just shoot walls, and out of all the games I’ve played these AI teammates were the most useless.  You know that feeling in multiplayer where you think you just unloaded a clip in a guy but he ended up killing you and ya go “BULLSHIT!  I SHOT THAT DUDE!”?  Well, I felt that way a lot in the single player mode. I would shoot an enemy with an entire clip just to watch him stumble, shake his head, then resume firing at me.  Or at times it would just not register that I hit them at all; I knifed a guy at one point only to have the blood show on my screen, the sound of the knife being plunged into him, and he just shot me in the face.  I don’t know if this happened with everyone, but on my 360 version I ran into this every mission, but on the PS3 not so much.  Also, with the super human enemies who could take shot after shot, they took too long to die and also took too long to register they were dead.  Each enemy was programmed to go through a long drawn out B-movie style hacky cheesy death.  The only time I was sure they were dead was when I kept shooting them and my AI teammates said “Targets down” or “He’s down.”  Also. Ed Harris, Gary Oldman and Ice Cube do great voice acting, and for the most part so does Sam Worthington, but there are many times in the game he loses his American accent and sounds like a mix between British and Australian, which he is, I know that, but to go from American to clear Australian is annoying and should have been fixed.


Although the story and game play are great, like Bionic said, your A.I. teammates are pretty dumb, yet the enemy will flank you so it does seem a little one sided.  The fact that you can only really tell an enemy is dead by them saying “He’s down” or “Target Down” is a little bit of a let down.



If you played Modern Warfare, then you have played all COD games since.  Nothing has changed even a little.  Visually nothing has improved and that goes the same for the gameplay mechanics.  I like the money system they have in place now, but it is completely redundant to earn this money and have to unlock weapons at the same time- one or the other people, not both.  I also like the contract system, but these DO NOT in any way make up for the constant lag, camping, and glitching that you find still prevalent in this game.  You would have thought that Treyarch, after the god awful World at War, would have put more time into making sure multiplayer was solid, maybe done some open betas or something, but you know the saying, “If it’s broke, fuck it. Those asses will buy it anyway.”


The lag is a little annoying, but once you unlock Bare Bones, it becomes a lot more tolerable.  Lag pretty much disappears, mainly because no one is really playing it because it all about skill- no perks, no attachments, no kill streaks.  We all know COD fans don’t like this or they would be playing games like MOH or BC 2.


The lack of a defining mission, a mission that makes ya think or just want to play again, bothers me. In Modern Warfare 2, it was the No Russian Mission just because it was a good guy murdering innocent people; it was a deep moment and fed to your evil side.  In World At War the sniping Mission was fun and I played that a few times.  In COD 4, I loved the scene in which they detonate the nuke and for the last 30 seconds your dying character struggles through the wreckage.  All of those were moments that will stick in our mind.  This game really lacks those moments, even in the first mission.  I ain’t gonna spoil it, but if ya play it ya know what I am talking about; even that wasn’t that good to me.

Final Verdict for Call of Duty Black Ops:

Single Player

4 out of 5


3.5 out of 5

  • Kyle18

    I think this is the last good cod for a very long time. It’s starting to become the new guitar hero and ppl aren’t falling for that shit anymore. Btw ice cube needs to be in more games, I liked hearing his voice and seeing him take out enemies looked awesome

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