Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Captain America: Super Soldier Review

I sadly had high hopes for this game, mainly because Captain America was always a blast to play as in “Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 & 2,” but in “Super Soldier,” it feels like a chore.

In the first chapter alone you’re bombarded with glitches like:

  • random boxes shaking
  • sounds and visuals that aren’t in sync

The story seems okay I guess; it’s supposed to take place at some point during the movie “Captain America: The First Avenger.”  Now, I haven’t seen the movie because I’m not a fan of watching garbage, but does this mean that Cap knew who the Red Skull is prior to their conflict in the movie?  I don’t know, but it probably should have been its own stand alone story but whatever.

Gameplay is boring and the villains are repetitive.  Granted you’re fighting soliders, so there isn’t going to be a vast diversity in types, but at least if they had different attacks it would have helped with replay-ability.  Graphically the game is sub-par.  It’s always sad to see movie tie-in games that are mediocre at best.  Studios spend money out the ass to make a film and promote it, but then when it comes to video games you might as well being playing “Pong HD.”  I can deal with a lot of crap as long as a game has at least one redeeming quality.  Christ, I played “Deadly Premonition” because it has a good story and I wanted to see it through, but with “Captain America Super Solide,r” if I didn’t have to write this review I would have just thrown the game out.  The simple fact is that they couldn’t even take the time to make sure that the voices were properly synced up, and it completely took me out of the game.

“Captain America” could have been a good companion piece to the movie, but it instead falls victim to all the same pitfalls as every other movie tie-in game: poor graphics, voice acting is sub-par and mostly not even synced properly, stories seems as though they were just thrown together, and controls that make you want to throw the controller at the television.

In the six and a half hours it took me to beat the game on normal I collected all but 2 collectibles and completed half the challenge modes in gold time.  Don’t bother buying this game.  Rent it at most; you could spend half a day playing it and completing it to 100%.  Spend your money on “L.A. Noire” instead.

Final Verdict for Captain America: Super Soldier:

2 out of 5