Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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COD:Black Ops Hidden Game Mode and Cheevos

Okay kids I am taking a quick break from kicking ass on COD to share some info on how to get 20 Gamer points and unlock a cool game mode. First at the main menu use the left stick to look around then hit Left Trigger and right trigger a couple of times or L1 And R1 For you PS3 people and you will break free of the chair your in. For that you get the ask nicely Achievement turn around and go right to the computer hold down X and you get a gamer picture at the computer enter CD Then hit enter then enter DOA and you get a top down arcade shooter after the intro when you start playing you get the insert coin achievement. So there ya go 20 Points and a game mode Enjoy!!!

Insert Coin – 5g

Just Ask me nicely – 15g

And a avatar gamer pic