Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Crysis 2: A love/hate relationship

I have never played the first “Crysis” because I am not a PC gamer and probably never will be, but from what I heard about it I knew “Crysis 2” would be a must have.  Now that I have it, I haven’t picked up another FPS since.  Here is a quick recap of the awards it has won: 1up.com Best of E3, Gamespy Best of E3 “Best Shooter“, Gamespy Best of E3 “Best Graphics”.

You play as a Marine named Alcatraz, heading towards New York with a group of Marines to provide back up for Prophet.  As you are approaching the harbor your submarine is attacked; you and your squad escape only to reach the surface and be attacked all over again.  I won’t go into it more because if you haven’t played it yet I will end up ruining the story (and I won’t be that guy).

Gameplay is pretty straight forward.  “Crysis 2” embraces all the great aspects of “Halo,” “Call of Duty,” and “Battlefield” so you get the hang of the game very quickly.  The coolest feature of the game is the suit: you can switch between heavy armor and invincibility as you see fit.  With heavy armor you can take a shitload more damage, but don’t get cocky.  While, yes, it is taking the brunt of the damage, you are still taking damage.  With invincibility you are able to flank enemies without being seen and quietly dispatch them.  This is especially helpful against harder to kill enemies.  What I really like is the fact that there is an energy gauge and the faster you move the faster it depletes, but it does regenerate.  You just need to choose the right time to come out of these enhancements to regenerate.

Nano-vision is an amazing feature as well.  In nano-vision you can see all the tactical opportunities that are presented to you and you make the choice of how you want to go about a situation, whether it be the stealth route, flanking, stealing a vehicle or a mounted weapon, or taking a the high ground to snipe.  Even better is the fact that you can use thermal vision to help see and target enemies.  This is helpful because enemies can at times be hard to spot, so being able to target them and go about tactical choice is a blessing.

Multiplayer can be a bit of a nuisance, mainly because it isn’t played on a dedicated server.  Yes, I know I’m a dedicated server snob, but once you start playing on one you really don’t see a reason why all FPSs aren’t played on them; it just makes gaming all the more seamless.  If you are a fan of “Halo” and “Call of Duty” multiplayer then you will have no problem playing on “Crysis 2’s” NDS (Non Dedicated Servers).  For me it takes awhile to get my rhythm, where I can tell the location I have to shoot in order to kill their laggy asses (aim a little ahead of where they are running).  But, it’s easy to ignore because each session is different depending on the tactics and group dynamics.  I throughly enjoy the game and I can’t wait until my next day off when I can just dedicate an entire day to it.  “Crysis 2” is so close to perfection it hurts.  In my opinion it could have gotten a perfect score had they put it on a dedicated server and your opponents weren’t “Halo” and “COD” players (yes, you can ALWAYS tell who these players are), but they are never that much of a hassle that you don’t have fun.

Final Verdict for Crysis 2:

4 out of 5