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Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Dante’s Inferno Review

I have never read the epic poems, but I do kind of understand the basics and having a wife with an English degree sitting there watching me play helps me see the differences from the poem and the game. With that said, I love this game and can see and completely understand why the developers made the decision to change some aspects to make the game more “realistic”. Could you imagine the game as a poet and just being led through hell, no that would be boring like the Lord of the Rings trilogy. A fallen warrior who has basically lost his faith is the perfect hero.

Dante fights his way through hell to rescue his wifes soul, because he’s knows it was his fault that she is even there to begin with.

The story starts with you fight a “holy war”, after you fight death and kick his ass back to hell, you head home to find your father and wife murdered and Lucifer now own her soul, now the fun stuff.

You have to fight your way through the 9 circles of hell to rip Lucifer, but before you get to him you’ll have to fight unbaptized babies, gluttons, naked whores with demon-hook penis’, demon bat things, etc. I’ll let you see the rest of the twisted enemies for yourself.

The gameplay is simple and fluid, easy button mashing will do the trick, what isn’t easy is the lack of camera control.  I am used to the right thumbstick being used for the camera, not so much for this game. I have died so many times because I wanted to move the camera and forgot the the right thumbstick is for evading. The scenery is beautiful, who knew hell could be so demoniacally peaceful with their pillars of penis’s, a naked woman who’s nipples have tongues and spit out unbaptized babies with sword hands and what not. The cut scenes are unbelievably amazing such an attention to detail, the story is great I received both Dante’s Inferno and Bioshock 2 the same day and I played a lot of Bioshock 2 before putting Dante in but since I put it in I haven’t been able to take it out (ewww dirty).

The story is truly fantastic and engrossing so much so that my wife now wants her xbox fixed (fucking red rings) so that she can play it herself, and having loved the poem so much and already seeing the differences wants to not only play it but play it on the hardest difficulty.

I already know the haters are out there say stuff like, “it’s just a God of War rip off”, but honestly I have played GOW and the story is okay, I can definitely see the similarities in game play, but I am going to hold my which is better decision until i get to play GOW3.

If you don’t have this game yet, it is definitely worth the money, go out and get it now unless you don’t like naked women and penis pillars and killing evil babies.