Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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DCUO Game Update 14

Game update number 14 is finally here, and with it comes features that should appease the PvP players.

First up: the update brings Tier 3 PvP gear that can be purchased in the Watchtower or Hall of Doom with the new Marks of Tactics and Marks of Strategy, which replace Marks of Conquest. That’s right people, if you have a ton of Marks of Conquest they are offically worthless.

Also, here is the all new Task Force X / Suicide Squad PvP matchmaking. What this means is that heroes and villains have the chance to fight side by side for the duration of PvP matches. The upgraded matchmaking system will still put heroes with heroes and villians with villains, but if there are no other options it will place opposing forces on the same team.

Last but not leas,t how many of you are tired of getting nothing but colas from your Promethium drop? Well, hopefully that will be less likely to happen now that Promethium boxes will also be dropping gear inspired by “The New 52.” I’m hoping there’s a sweet Red Hood style in there. Also, auras have been added; there are seven different color and they are worn as accessories.

This all sounds great, but there is a bad side to this. Since the update, the lag has been horrendous. The game has been damn near unplayable, so let’s see if this is taken care of before they release “The Last Laugh” DLC on June 19th.

UPDATE 6/7/12
New update today, and it has corrected all lag issues. Now, if only they could start on making the chat feature more reliable…