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Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Dead Island Review

I love all things zombie, but after “Left4Dead 2” the zombie genre left a pretty bad taste in my mouth.  When I saw the announcement trailer for “Dead Island,” however,  I noticed a glimmer of hope in the distance.

Visually the game is beautiful; the locations all look as you’d expect a tropical island to look, plush and vibrant.  I have only noticed frame rate issues during the opening movie, and when you transition into a new location the environment layers take a couple of seconds to load.  Other then that I have had no issues with frame rates, freezing and the like.  Dr. PoonMasher, on the other hand, stopped playing “Dead Island” because after 15 minutes of playing the game freezes.  This has only been an issue for him for the last week.

Gameplay is almost perfect.  The problem I find myself running into a lot is when one or more of the infected is running towards me and I swing my machete, there is a delay and zombies are able to finish their attack.  Techland did an amazing job with lighting and shadow effects and the melee component is really good.  If they’d just send out an update to fix the aforementioned problem it would be perfect.  The shooting aspect, however, needs work.  When firing all ammo-related weapons they kick the way you would expect them to, but the fact that a head shot doesn’t kill the zombies is bullshit.  When you go up against human enemies you can take them out in one well placed headshot, but with all the infected enemies you usually need to unload two clips into an enemy.  I sort of felt like I was playing “COD” or “Halo,” and that is not a good thing.

Story-wise I felt it was a great choice to not give the whole backstory at the beginning, but rather have the player progress through the game to uncover the full story of what happened on the island of Banoi.  You go about this by progression and finding recordings and facts.  You realize it was well worth the wait when the full story is revealed and everything is explained.

Although there are some glitches, they never hinder the gameplay or the story.

Final Verdict for Dead Island

4.5 out of 5

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