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Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Dead Rising 2 Review

Although I never actually finished the first Dead Rising, I did have enough fun to warrant picking up the sequel, and I’m loving it even more.

Dead Rising 2 is the story of Chuck Green, a former Pro Motocross rider who was forced to compete on the reality game show “Terror Is Reality”(TIR) so that he could afford the drug Zombrex for his daughter, who was bitten by zombies during a past attack that claimed the life of his wife.  After an explosion lets the zombies run rampant through the city, Chuck, his daughter and a few other survivors make it to a safe house, where they have to wait three days for the military to come and rescue them.  While waiting, Chuck is rocked with news that he is being blamed for the explosion.  Now it’s up to Chuck to save the other survivors and prove his innocence before the military arrives.

Everything that was wrong with the first game has been fixed.  When I would play the first game, even though I loved killing zombies, I hated having to rescue survivors.  Survivors were just really dumb; they did nothing to protect themselves.  In the sequel they pick up arms and fight back.  For those that can’t, you are able to pick up and carry.  This is awesome because in the first game I think I only saved two survivors (the old married couple), but now I’m racking up the saved lives and points.

The weapons are great.  Weapons by themselves are good, but being able to combine them to make them even stronger is awesome.  You say you want something like a Lightsaber?  Okay, to build a light sword you’re going to need a flashlight and some gems.  You want to build an electric chair?  How about an electric wheelchair?  That’s cool, all you’re going to need is a wheelchair and a car battery, and if you add an assault riffle you’ll make a Blitzkrieg, which is a motorized wheelchair with mounted machine guns.  My favorite weapon to use is still the Spike Bat, which is just a baseball bat and a box of nails; I like this weapon so much that I usually carry at least two on me at all times.

There are a lot more zombies on the screen than in the original, and they also are a lot quicker when it comes to grabbing you out of nowhere.  Also, do not try to act like you didn’t do this next part: in DR1, probably everyone that went for the “Indoorsman” achievement most likely jumped over the second floor food court railing, landed on the canopy, grabbed the samurai sword and chilled up there until the achievement popped  Well, you cannot do that in this game because the zombies are a little smarter and they will climb up and fall over obstacles to get you.  In DR2 you can’t just hide somewher and wait for the time to expire and rescue to arrive, because you need to keep your daughter alive with Zombrex shots.  Also, any survivors that have been bitten will need shots as well, so no trying to wait the clock out.

At first I was worried about having the money to buy the Zombrex, seeing as how it is quite expensive.  While only having about $10,000 and neededing $25,000, I decided to take a break from single player and give multiplayer a try.  “Terror is Reality,” or “TiR,” is pretty fun.  You play as one of four contestants and compete in a variety of game types to win cash prizes.  The game types are as follows:

Pound of Flesh – You flip zombies off your platform onto a scale using only a helmet with antlers attached.  Whoever has the highest weight wins.

Master Shafter – Fight to position your spear underneath falling zombies.

Zomboni – Drive your Zamboni over zombies and fill your tank, then spray it into the designated area.  Whoever has the most zombie juice wins.

Slicecycles – Ride your dirt bike, outfitted with chainsaws, through hordes of zombies; the most kills win.

These are just a couple of game types, and after a single session I won $44,000, more than enough for the Zombrex.  Just cash out your winnings and save it to your current game file, and ta-da, instant cash.

As much fun as killing zombies is, the game isn’t without its flaws.  The load times are completely unbearable.  Even after I installed it to my hard drive, whenever the game loads or saves it appears as if your system freezes and needs to be restarted, but just as you’re about to get up and restart, it kicks into gear.  The weapons still have no longevity, and that’s annoying because some weapons should last longer or not break at all.  Psychos are totally, insanely hard to beat when you’re a low level.  It’s understandable that the bosses should be a little stronger than you, but considering weapons don’t last long, the amount you can carry is limited, and saves are few and far between, it’s a little ridiculous to have to try and beat the same guy seven times… It makes you want to throw the controller at the TV.

With all of that said, I would still recommend at least renting Dead Rising 2.  Not buying it, because as much as there is to do in the game you will need to take long and frequent breaks when the game begins to piss you off… and it will.

Final Verdict for Dead Rising 2:

4 out of 5