Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Dead Space 2 Demo: Quick Review

This is a game that demands your immediate attention.  Visceral Games does it again in this, the second installment of the critically acclaimed Dead Space franchise.  Here you’re reintroduced to protagonist Issac Clarke, who has just returned as the lone survivor of a horrific event aboard his ship, The Ishimura, only to find that his mind is still ravaged by memories of the cataclysmic ordeal he suffered.  The “Marker” that was discovered at the end of the first has left its mark on poor Issac, changing him for the worse.  I can’t wait to find out how…

The demo opens up with you in front of a door that I, personally, was reluctant to step through.  Chilling memories of opening doors flooded my mind from the first game, walking through hallways and using elevators with that eerie silence, knowing that something is gonna happen, but when?  Part two is no different; as I continue through a few doors and down some walkways I’m hit suddenly with an impromptu flashback of what had occurred here once before in this room of frozen containers of which a few have been busted open..oh boy!  My first run in with one of the infected is fairly simple, me being a veteran of this combat style, using Stasis to slow him down while I blow off his lower limbs and then his head.  Easy-peasy?  HA!  Not only did more bust out of the containers, but I couldn’t tell what direction they were coming from, and not only do they move faster, some shoot a projectile acid-like substance that slows you down.  All your resources will be put to use, so use your ammo sparingly and look for objects on the floor to use your Kinetic ability to impale or slam into your foes to buy you time which you will need.

This being only a demo, it only showed your combat, puzzles and a brief encounter with a boss, during which I almost crapped myself because it took me by surprise (like most of this game will), and if this is what the rest of the game will be, then I’m gonna need a supply of undies to play through this, which, in my personal opinion, should be the measuring stick of the horror genre games to be released in the future.  Bravo!