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Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Deadly Premonition Review

Crafting a good story is extremely hard.  This fact is proven just by playing a handful of games that are released each year.  Sometimes there are games that come along that have great stories but just come up short elsewhere and never get to peak the consumers’ interests, and Deadly Premonition would be that game.

The story of Deadly Premonition is that of F.B.I. Agent Francis York Morgan (just call him York, everyone else does) trying to solve a murder in a small town, and in the process striving to stop his own.  As the game starts you will hear yourself talking to someone and think that it is your partner…it’s not.  Agent York apparently has a personality disorder.  I’m guessing this is their way of making York like Agent Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks (he often spoke into a tape recorder).

The graphics are leftovers from the Playstation 1 days.  I constantly feel as though I am playing the first Resident Evil game, but with a more intriguing story.  The music is overpowering.  While a cut-scene is playing and characters are speaking,  you should be becoming invested in the story and the characters, but instead you’re too busy scrambling for the remote to turn the TV down because the background music is blasting, drowning out all the characters.  Also, it is the same music over and over again like Twin Peaks, only Twin Peaks did it the right way.

The characters are all super quirky, and exude personality (again like Twin Peaks), which is great, but my only problem is that they are constantly going into awkward poses.  Combat is a bore; in this day and age it should be a standard to be able to move and shoot at the same time.   Aiming is stupid and and half the time you don’t even hit your target when the enemy is standing still.  The camera tends to become a problem in situations when the view becomes overhead: the left control stick just becomes inverted.  I am not even going to say anything about the driving aspect, I’ll just let the video say it all.

In closing, this game is horrible.  The quirky character and story are not enough to make this game playable, and neither does the price ($30 new).  If you love Twin Peaks and want to play a game with that feel, then play Alan Wake.

Final Verdict for Deadly Premonition:

1 out of 5

  • drpoonmasher

    horrible yet u still play it…hoping it gets better

  • No I just want to finish the story. I am not going for any side quests just the main story.