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Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Deadpool Review

Deadpool is probably the only character in the Marvel Universe that I like.  That being said, when I saw that they were making a “Deadpool” game, it would be staying true to the comics, and that Nolan North would be reprising his role as Deadpool, it made me drool all that much more.

The story is pretty good, and by pretty good I mean it’s swinging for the frigging fences.  That’s a good thing, because Deadpool is a pretty off the wall character. At the helm of the story is former Deadpool writer Daniel Way. Deadpool goes to High Moon Studios to make the most awesome game ever…starring himself, only Mister Sinister has other plans.

Some of the characters you will meet on the path to helping Deadpool make the most awesome video game ever will be Wolverine, Rogue, Domino, and Psylocke. I really like seeing the way Deadpool interacts with other people in the Marvel Universe.  Yeah, you get to see it in comics, but the “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” movie did not capture the light-hearted, bat-shit craziness that is Deadpool.

Weapons and combos are pretty cool: you start out with your swords and pistols, and when you earn DP points you can upgrade your weapons and buy new one like SMG’s, sai’s, giant mallets, flashbangs, bear traps, etc. Using DP points you can also upgrade Deadpool himself adding more health, faster momentum building, etc.

It’s fun that the few times when you’re not being bombarded by enemies you can sneak up on people and do cool execution kills. Combos are neat, and you have plenty of weapons to mix it up with.  Light and heavy attacks throw in some gun play, and you have the makings for a pretty cool hack and slash/third person shooter/action game except for…

As cool as it is to slice people up, gameplay can get repetitive really quickly.  The saving grace is Deadpool himself. The writing in this game is great, and the voice acting is even better.  Nolan North did an amazing job as always. As I said earlier, the game is really funny.  it’s reminiscent of “Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard,” which was a blast to play through even if the gameplay itself wasn’t. The only difference in this is that they throw more and more enemies at you. Also they like to give you a couple of seconds of reprieve only to throw a whole new wave of the exact same enemies you just fought.

On top of the repetitive gameplay (which as I said above, the humor is more than capable of making you overlook it), the enemies are just the same. I mean, they all literally look the same.  There are different classes of enemies, but each class has a certain look, as you can see through the photos.

If you are a fan of Deadpool you’ll want to pick up the game.  Otherwise, I would recommend renting or picking it up used. The game is fun, but when looking at the big picture all the comedy and irreverent humor cannot make the repetitive gameplay and repetitive enemies worth shelling out $60.

Final Verdict for Deadpool:

3 out of 5