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Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review

I have never played the original “Deus Ex” games, and to be honest I have never even heard of the series.  Now, I need to play the other two games because after playing this installment I’m addicted.

“Human Revolution’s” story takes place 25 years before the original “Deus EX;” augmentations of the nanotech variety haven’t been created yet, so for now society is dealing with biomechanical augmentations.  You play as Sarif Industries’ security officer Adam Jensen, who, after failing to stop a terrorist, has to undergo extensive augmentation in order to stay alive.  With your new robo-powers you have to figure out why the terrorist attack that almost took your life happened and who was behind it.

You might get the feeling when you first start playing that it’s a little hard to get into, like it’s moving a bit slow, but the second you get that first praxis point and unlock a new augment, the game really starts to take off.  The story has a cyber-punk noir feel to it; combine “Lucky Number Sleven” with “Hackers” and you have “Deus Ex Human Revolution.”  Adam Jensen, however, has the voice that combines Clint Eastwood, Master Chief, Timothy Olyphant, and Solid Snake.  I know it sounds like a really bad combination, but the voice does grow on you.  I found myself sitting down to play for maybe an hour before getting up to do…well anything not gaming related, and next thing I know three hours had passed and the rest of my evening is shot because I spent all of my free time playing “Deus Ex.”  The story calls to you when you’re not playing because you want to figure out the conspiracy.

Controls feel a little dated, at least the FPS elements are very basic, and the aiming is sort of beneath the standards the rest of the game puts forth.  The augment selection is pretty cool.  I definitely feel that there could be some improvements, but the real son of a bitch is the hacking.  You’ll find yourself struggling at first trying to understand the in’s and out’s of hacking and by the time you reach Shanghai you should be a hell of a lot more adept at it.

Speaking of Shanghai, that will be one of the locations you will be visiting on your journey to unlock the mysteries of the conspiracy; you will also visit Detroit and Montreal.  It takes some getting used to running around in the city because you’ll never really know where you’re going, and there are no directional arrows to let you know you’re going in the right direction, but after a while you won’t even be checking the map.

Weapons are what you would expect: combat riffle, pistol, heavy riffle, shotgun, sniper riffle, long range tranquilizer riffle and a close range taser.  What is pretty cool is the P.E.P. gun that incapacitates multiple enemies in one shot.  You get an assortment of grenades (EMP, gas, frag) and upgrades for your weapons.  Let me just inform you now, choose your weapons carefully: if you want to go the non-lethal route the game will be a lot harder.  I started out non-lethal…then I made my way to the first boss and realized that was a mistake, and after dying entirely too many times I backtracked through the level and collected as many of the combat rifle supplies I could carry and finally took his ass down a peg.

“Deus Ex Human Revolution” is a great game, and like Dr. PoonMasher told me, “It’s like what “Metal Gear Solid” used to be before it became a game of cut-scenes.”  If you’re a fan of the first two games you’ll love this game, and if you’re just into FPSs with an RPG element, then this is the game for you as well.

Final Verdict for Deus Ex: Human Revolution –

4.5 out of 5