Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Dragon Age Redemption

This summer we will all be privy to something epic…and video game turned into a live-action (web)series that wont suck!

Okay I i know I may be jumping the gun a little bit because like I said it will be coming out this summer and the only thing we have seen so far is the trailer…

But, I have complete faith in Felicia Day, she has yet to put out a product that sucks, so I doubt she would ruin a franchise so near and dear to her heart.

Don’t forget to pick up your copies of Dragon Age 2 there is still time to pre-order before its March 8th release, and I a side note I have a couple of codes to get Dead Space 2 armor for Dragon Age 2 characters to give away but more on that later.