Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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EA DICE Still Trying To Fix BF4

Yesterday February 25th saw the rollout of yet another “Battlefield 4” update for the Xbox One and PC. We here at T1GN are still a little miffed that still missing from the PC notes is faster que times, but really no one likes waiting 10 minutes to get onto a server just to get hit with the “sound loop crash” (which is being addressed) having to shut the game down and start all over again.

Here are a list of the PC update notes:

-Fix for the so called “sound loop crash” issue that caused the game to freeze
-Fix for an issue that sometimes prevented players from shooting while in the gunner position of a vehicle
-Fix for the headshot icon appearing incorrectly at non-headshot deaths, such as suicide or dying of an explosion
-General stability improvements

-General stability and performance improvements
-Fix for an issue that caused the sky/fog to be either too bright or too dark when Mantle was used
-Added on-screen video memory utilization statistics with “Render.DrawScreenInfo”

Xbox One update notes:

-Fix for an issue where spawning into, or switching to, a gunner seat in an IFV/MBT sometimes could cause the game to crash
-Fix for a crash that could occur when signing out as an active user
-Fix for missing sound in Team/Squad Deathmatch
-Fix for an issue in the Defuse game mode, where a bomb carrier would be permanently spotted
-Decreased the rate at which the kill card would incorrectly display 0 health, while the enemy was clearly alive
-Fix for an invisible wall that was incorrectly present in one of the fallen concrete pipes on Zavod 311
-Fix for an issue where bullet impact sounds weren’t properly matching the actual number of impacts, causing the players to feel that they died too quickly.


Also coming this week February 27th to be exact are platoons, “Battlefields” version of clans. Although you still are unable to form parties in the lobby, very unimpressed with all of this news maybe next year the game will be playable?

Side note – Any one can join a Platoon but only level 10 Premium players can create them.

Platoons: http://blogs.battlefield.com/2014/02/introducing-platoons/
Xbox One: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/forum/threadview/2979150493857369178/
PC: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/forum/threadview/2955065225656757954/