Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Earforce XLC Review

I recently became the proud owner of a new gaming headset upon growing tired of my Xbox wireless headset constantly cutting out.  I hate the new headsets that the systems come with (I don’t like the 2.5mm jacks), so I went out and purchased myself the Turtle Beach Earforce XLC.


I chose the XLC mainly because of the price ($30 at BestBuy), but also because of the quality associated with Turtle Beach.  It was completely the right choice.  At first I thought having both ears covered was going to be incredibly weird, but it was surprisingly easy to become accustomed to.


Setup is incredibly easy: plug the 2.5mm jack into the Xbox controller and the standard headphone jack into your television.  If you don’t have a headphone plug on your TV, don’t fret; it comes with an audio adapter so you can experience the crisp sounds.  Turn the sound up, head over to Preferences in the Xbox guide, go down to the Voice tab and select “Play through both” and you’re good to go.


Now, these headphones aren’t surround sound, but with the volume turned up they are damn near close.  While playing Bad Company 2 I heard a rocket fly by but I didn’t see anything, so I panned to the right (where the sound had come from) and I saw the exhaust from the rocket that just shot right passed me.  Also, footsteps sound incredibly crisp and clear to the point that you are able to tell the directionality.


You’re honestly not going to find a better headset for the price. It’s comfortable and it’s perfect for late night gaming.  No more waking up loved ones from in game sound effects, now it will be just your enraged cursing echoing in the quite night air.  I say this is a must buy.

5 out of 5