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Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Epic Mickey Review

I will tell you right off the bat that I am not a huge fan of the Wii; I just think the system lacks a good stable of games.  However, when I heard Epic Mickey was being made and I saw the concept art I was intrigued.  Now let’s just see if it lived up to all its hype.

The story of Epic Mickey is a typical of Disney; Mickey, being the curious scamp that he is, finds the world that Yen Sid has created for all the Disney characters that have been forgotten.  While fooling around with the magical paint brush, Mickey accidentally creates the Shadow Blot.  Quickly, he tries to fix his mistake by using the paint thinner but ends up causing more damage.  Hearing Yen Sid coming back Mickey runs back to his house while the Shadow Blot travels to the thinner-ravaged Forgotten World and begins to take over; his first victim is the world’s first resident, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.  I was pleasantly surprised by the graphics, as it was a definite step up from other Wii titles I have played before.  The level design is beautiful, even the mini-levels like “Steamboat Willie” and “Clockwork Cleaners.” The only problem I really found with the mini-levels were the controls, at times the simple act of running and jumping onto a platform or over an enemy you would be met by an invisible wall.  This was due to the thumbstick not responding to the direction you were moving it.  This was extremely annoying and needs to be worked on for their future titles (and, yes, there will be future titles as Epic Mickey is a planned trilogy).

The paintbrush aspect is an excellent feature and reminds me of Super Mario Sunshine, only better, and although this is a great feature and works great it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its flaws.  An auto aim feature would have worked great, using the unused button on the nunchuk so that the Wiimote could be used for camera control, as opposed to needing to use the Wiimote for aiming and the directional pad for the camera.  So everyone knows, it is usually the little things that aggravate me.

The puzzles and side quests and the story are all great and I appreciate every bit of it, BUT kids below probably 13 (I’m being generous) will lose interest rather quickly due to the fact that some of the missions can be difficult and they probably lack the refined hand-eye coordination that is required to play this.  The Wii is a console for children.  I’m not saying that the Wii lacks games that adults would play on a regular basis like COD and GOW, but when you look at their library it’s dominated by children’s games.  This would have been better suited for the 360 and PS3 and then later thought of for the Wii, even though it is a game made up of Disney characters.

Final Verdict for Epic Mickey:

4 out of 5