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Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Fallout: New Vegas Review

Fallout 3 was my first real foray into RPG’s.  Yeah, I played Final Fantasy like practically everyone else, but I only played for about an hour and then became sick of it.  I’m not a really big fan of turn based games.  Then for me came Fallout 3 and the game blew my mind.  The story was completely engaging, the characters were fun and original, the music was great and V.A.T.S was a great addition to the genre.  While it needed a little more fine tuning (even though it said what you chances were of hitting the target it still all depended on the invisible roll of the die), the game was great none the less.

When I heard that another Fallout game was in the works, I won’t lie, I was as giddy as a school girl, but would it live up to its hype or did it falter like Medal of Honor?

I can say whole heartedly YES!

New Vegas is the story of an unlucky courier tasked with the job to deliver a Silver Chip, only to have it stolen from him after being shot in the head and left for dead in a shallow grave.  After Victor digs you out and takes you to Doc Mitchell for medical attention, you start your search for who did this to you and why.

At the start of the game I did the same thing I do whenever I play any open world RPG: I just went roaming.  I walked around and discovered locations, pick up a lot of side quests, found allies, leveled up, and the sort.  After a couple of hours of just roaming I finally decided to jump into the story.  Immediately you realized that the gameplay is just like Fallout 3, and felt like home.  V.A.T.S. is the same as last time, and the controls in general are the same (If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it).  What they did add, however, is the action wheel when with companions and a faction rep system, and they did away with the karma system.  The Action Wheel (Companion Commands) is such a great tool where you can switch out equipment, just talk to them and get an additional quest (jimmy down the well), or tell them to hang back to do range attacks.  This is a great addition because there are times when you need to have a companion (or two) and they just run up to any enemy and start killing.  Although it’s great that you get the XP for your companions killing enemies, you don’t, however, have any of that work towards the challenges you might be trying to complete (e.g. Bug Stomper).

Now, instead of everyone hating you because of the evil acts that you do or everyone loving you because of the good you do, you know have a faction rep system.  The faction rep system is pretty cool, forming alliances with certain groups while becoming completely vilified by others; if you don’t like the group you can just eradicate them.  Do take into account, though, that your standings in any giving faction also affect who you can have as a companion.  These are all great additions to an already great game, so where’s the bad?  It definitely isn’t Hardcore mode, where you can’t just sleep of injury.  Now you must also eat, drink and sleep.  If you don’t do these things you will die of starvation, dehydration, and exhaustion.  This addition definitely brings a new level to the gaming experience.

The bad, quite simply, is the same stuff as Fallout 3.  The game is glitchy, with enemies getting stuck in the ground and your character will get stuck between objects with no hope of escape.  New glitches are the save file glitch, where it says your DLC can’t be recognized and your save files become unreadable.  Doc Mitchell in some games pulls an exorcist.

And, of course, the god awful load screen freeze and just plain game freeze.

Although Fallout has its glitches, please people, do not hold them against this great game.  With DLC’s and updates on the way this game has hours upon hours of gameplay a fully engrossing story, and best of all things to kill.

Final Verdict for Fallout New Vegas:

4 out of 5