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Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Fallout New Vegas Snow Globe Locations

Okay so this time around we do not have to go scouring the vast wasteland for like 30 bobbleheads, this time around you just need to find 7 Snow Globes.  Although this could still be an arduous task I felt it was my duty to make this as quick and painless as possible for everyone to get the Globe Trotter Achievement/Trophy (25 gamerscore/Silver Trophy).

I’ll put them in the order I found them:

  • The Good Springs Snow Globe can be found in the Goodsprings graveyard by the water tower.

  • The Mormon Fort Snow Globe can be found in Freeside by the North Gate, once you enter the Old Mormon Fort make a quick right and head for the tower. Go all the way upstairs and it will be sitting in the bookcase.

  • The Mt. Charleston Snow Globe can be found on the receptionists desk in the lodge near the computer to the right in Jacobstown.

  • The Hoover Dam Snow Globe can be found as soon as you enter the Visitors Center on the desk.

  • The Test Site Snow Globe can be found inside Lucky 38 Casino, after you speak to Mr. House, you can choose which level you want to go to.  Choose the Cocktail Lounge and it will be behind one of the cash registers.

  • The Strip Snow Globe can be found in Vault 21 Hotel and Casino on the New Vegas Strip.  It’s in the bedroom of ht owner (also it is the only locked door in the Vault) between the two beds.

and finally…

  • The Nellis AFB Snow Globe located where else but on Nellis Air Force Base.  Be careful going her we will have to evade explosions just make your way to the fence via the train tacks, then while sticking to the fence follow it to the entrance. After the cutscene go to the Museum and it will be on the table to the right as soon as you enter.

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