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Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Final Fantasy 7 it is not….

I MoonDoggie82, have not yet played Final Fantasy 13.  I am not a really big fan of turn-based RPG’s, but the reviews for this seem fairly good, so I’ll give it a shot.  Until I pick it up or Gamefly sends it to me, or one of you loving readings want to mail your copy to me, I’ll have to hold off my full judgment of the game until then.  For now you will have to settle for my good friend DrPoonMasher’s review, as he is a Final Fantasy junky.

One word to describe this game: linear.  Whoever thought that this game was gonna win over the fans of the classic series had better have lost his job simply because all of the main elements that kept you going back to the Final Fantasy games of the past are gone.  I found myself waking up in the middle of the night at times while playing FF7 in hopes of making sure all materia were found, chocobros were bred, and knights of the round were had.

One main aspect of the originals that was great was FREE EXPLORATION!!!  Don’t get me wrong, the graphics of this sequel are  so crisp that I thought I was playing one giant cut-scene, but graphics alone didn’t help this game at all.  The story was a complete mystery from the start, so much so that I found myself at times wondering what was really going on.  Also gone are the random encounters with low level enemies.

The battle style is still turn-based(sort of), but you only control the leader of the party, which for about 20 hours of the game was 1 of 2 people, and if he dies it’s game over.  Your other team member is an AI and you have no control over what he does.  Your AI partner will constantly heal, use magic, or “ravage” as its called here, or be a commando.

Your enemies will constantly attack during the battle (which kind of contradicts the whole turn based fight system), giving you a small window for any kind of strategy.  I can only hope for 13 versus and 14 go back to the classic style and still have a decent story.

This review is only based on 22hrs of game play, so I’m praying that it gets somewhat more interesting sooner rather than later, because I’m getting a little tired of the repetition.  So far Lost Odyssey is still the best turn-based RPG for the 360 to date.

When he finishes the story this will be updated, and when I finally get to play it I will add my own comments. But for now, that will do little pig, that will do.

  • I'll be waiting for you to send it to me and i will try and beat it in less time than you.

  • poontang

    many cudos to this and so far its starting to get a little better…more to come soon