Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Game Console News


Well as expected there is downloadable content on the way for Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, and it is currently slated for Spring 2010. So far, there are two map packs slated for release and good news for me there both coming to the Xbox before the PS3 and PC (Haha Flam). Now before you non-Xbox folk get your panties in a twist, Microsoft is paying for first dibs on the dlc, and that was smart of them. From a business stand point they are trying to get more people over to the xbox and it’s working.


Once again the SONY is trying to outshine everyone else with their latest update. A simple firmware update and now your PS3’s will be compatible with 3-D Televisions. Really SONY is that your big plan for boosting sales of the PS3? By making it compatible with televisions that nobody has, good job SONY way to think outside the box for more useless crap. The system is not worth the price especially when you count the fact that with some of the games you have to pay to play that specific game online in multi-player, and that fact that Home is useless and just takes up hard drive space, and that soon you’ll have to start charging a PSN monthly fee.

As we’ve all probably heard by now Netflix is now coming to the Nintendo Wii. I have no other news for this console as I feel it has no place in gaming world when competing against Next-Gen consoles. Yes, I understand that the Wii serves it’s purpose and it can be fun, but lets be serious it was next to no games on it, what New Super Mario, great games but what else do you have. I mean come on the Nintendo DS has better games on it and it’s a handheld.

Thats pretty much the skinny right now yes great game titles are on the way but I’ll cover that later.


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