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Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Ghost Recon Future Soldier Review

I have never really been a fan of the “Ghost Recon” games.  “Future Soldier” is the first in the series to grab my attention.  Now let’s see how that turned out…“Ghost Recon Future Soldier” starts when Ghost Team Predator is deployed in Nicaragua to disrupt weapons trafficking in the region. While inspecting the convoy, a dirty bomb is detonated, killing Team Predator. Now it’s up to Ghost Team Hunter to investigate the cause and track down the source of the bomb. Simple and straight to the point, and I like that.

Gameplay in a nutshell was okay at best,  It’s all just the same stuff over and over again. You need to get to this location, but oh no!  Truck loads of enemy soldiers are being deployed in your location.  Or you need to secure this package, but oh no!  Truck loads of enemy soldiers are being deployed in your area. You feel no sense of urgency to complete a mission like you would in “Battlefield,” and there is no attachment towards any of the characters like in “Call of Duty.”  I do feel that game is better than previous “Ghost Recon” titles overall, but with the two heavy hitters still fresh in everyone’s minds, this game just falls short.

I really do like the fact that you can basically fully customize you weapons.  My only issue is the kinect integration. I don’t see the need to have Kinect features on the game if all it’s used for is selecting customizations for your weapons. I am still waiting for Microsoft to sack up and push developers to make FPSs that will use both the Kinect and motion controls. Just imagine running in place in your living room with a controller like the PlayStation Move Submachine Gun.  You could crouch down to avoid enemy fire and the Kinect registers that you are behind the burned out car; that’s damn near total immersion. What’s great about that is that your character can only run as fast and for as long as you can. But alas, the Kinect is reserved for crappy subpar party games and god awful dance games. People, you’re not dancers and you look ridiculous doing those stupid moves.

I love that you play the game in third person until you click the right stick and it switches to first person for better accuracy. If you don’t feel like playing a FPS then never click the right stick and you will just play “Future Soldier” like a proper action game.  Another great new feature is the active camo.  It’s pretty cool because it’s still “in development”  It has some kinks that need worked out; for example, if you move too fast or fire you weapon it will stop working. The drones in the game are both cool and super useful.  The Drone Crawler, which you can control both in the air and on the ground, can be used to stealthily find enemy locations and mark them for synchronized shots. Now, the real devastator is the Warhound.  I loved using the Warhound, as it was a quick way to neutralize enemies in any area.

You can usually let poor graphics slide if the gameplay itself is pretty solid, but here gameplay is okay at best and the graphics are mediocre. I just expected more from a Tom Clancy game, but there were entirely too many times I was sitting there saying to myself, “This was the best you could do?” On one mission, just before I got on a boat in the Arctic to head to this sub base, I stood there staring at the water and it looked like they grabbed water graphics from “Deadly Premonition.” The cutscenes are horrible; it looks like your playing “GTA 3.” The voice acting is good, but it’s either not synced properly or they just cut the budget when it came to mouth movement animation because it always looked horrendous.


I hate to say this but if you like FPSs or are just now getting into them, stick to “COD” or “Battlefield” and spend your money on “Battlefield Premium” or “COD Elite,” at least until the next “Rainbow Six” game comes out. The good news about this game is that is spawned a pretty awesome short movie.

Final Verdict for Ghost Recon Future Soldier

3 out of 5