Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Girls Just Wanna Babysit and Cook?

After a long hard day at work I love to come home, cook a nice dinner for my family and relax with my Nintendo DS playing Cooking Mama. Hello, I’m what the video game industry THINKS female gamers like. What I really like to do is no-scope some sad sack from across the map on Asylum and hear that wonderful deep-voiced “Killing Frenzy” after I’ve worked my butt off all day.

For me, video games are a way to escape reality. Nothing is better than being taken into the world of Rapture, scaling tall buildings in Italy, or walking through tall grass hoping to stumble across a wild Pokémon. I like to let my imagination go and become the character I’m playing. According to the games that are marketed towards girls/women the characters we want to become cook, babysit, and shop. I play that role every day except for the one-four hours of video game play I get a day. Why do I want to spend it doing something I’ve already done that day?

As a female gamer I love to see the emotional side of a game. The trust and hope that you put into Tenenbaum to help the Little Sisters in Bioshock, the pain and empathy felt for Alma in F.E.A.R. for having her child taken from her. That is what I love in a game, being drawn in on an emotional level and developers who, whether intentional or not, know how to strike that chord with their female audience.

While games like Cooking/Babysitting Mama may fetch sales with the younger female demographic those games are what stand in the way of gamers like me being taken seriously in matchmaking or on a forum.  Girls love a good RPG, Racing or Shooter game, and we can probably kick your ass in it too.