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Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Green Day Rockband?! What Jonas Brothers Not Available??

Playing as many games as we do where at T1GN, we are bound to come across stuff that boggles our minds and in most case enrages us.  That is why we are stating the Random Rant’s, you may agree you may not but this isn’t about you it’s about getting stuff off of our chests.

Ok, so the original Rockband was a good game, and the sequel was well crafted too and i even enjoyed Beatles Rockband, but to have the audacity to say that Green Day is a great and ground breaking band like The Beatles to get their own game??  I would kill to play a Pink Floyd or a Led Zeppelin Rockband.  They should be making this a DLC not full priced title, this is just as bad as Guitar Hero: Metallica.  What does that tell you about how the good folks at EA distribution think about you, the gamer?  Not much thats for damn sure!  Instead, they would rather rape your wallets and make you pay for something that any human being in their right mind knows damn well should have been offered as an add-on to Rockband 2.  If I’m gonna pay $60 for any 90’s grunge band’s game, it’s gonna be Stone Temple Pilots. Now there’s a band with talent but no, Harmonix and EA Distribution won’t do that, they’ll probably give us Black Eyed Peas Rockband next year…

Go flush three 20’s down the toilet, you’ll get the same satisfaction as if you went to buy this garbage.

  • Craig

    I kinda agree with that fact about buying another title BUT i played it today and I actually enjoyed the gameplay. I think it will be a hit with true Green Day fans.

  • I think it's just as redundant as Guitar Hero Metallica, I don't care about playing as the artists I just would like to play their song so these can all just easily be DLC. Game companies nowadays are just money hungry rectal douches, I mean come on look at Natural Motion.

  • sorry for joinin the convo so late BUT I <3 greeday in the worst way. my greenday mp3's are like a fan's wet dream… when I heard this was coming out I WAS ALL ABOUT IT… but just like when Metallica came out — it was fun for about 2 hours and I was done. I can ALMOST get the same satisfaction by listening to my ipod.
    it is hard to argue – even you hardcore "fuck this game" people – that it is fun to rock out and pretend you're in the band though – even for just 2 hours – ADMIT IT! lol