Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Homefront Review

In the coming days, the Koreas will unify and so will begin their reign of tyranny.  Will you be ready to fight on your Homefront?

For a new IP, Homefront packs a lot of punch.  The graphics are amazing; Kaos Studios did a great job visually and the story is at the top of the mountain.  Homefront was written by John Milius, who wrote and directed Red Dawn and co wrote Apocalypse Now.  The storyline for Homefront is a believable one: in the near future North and South Korea unify, wars in the Middle East get even crazier, leaving hundreds if not thousands of oil fields in flames, causing gas prices around the world to skyrocket.  In the wake of all of this, America’s economy starts to tank, and while all of this is going on, the Greater Korean Republic starts up some serious shenanigans by taking over Japan, then Hawaii, then California, and finally the rest of the country.

Gameplay is pretty solid and I would expect as much from the team that brought us Frontlines: Fuel of War.  There has been talk of freezing issues, mostly on the Xbox 360, but I have yet to experience any of those.  The two problems I have are the length of the the single player campaign(it took me a little over 3 hours to complete) and the fact that you spend pretty much all of your time following people, and it has never been fun playing Follow the Leader.  Multiplayer is pretty fun, and I never came across a problem.  To best explain the feel of multiplayer action, I would say it contains all the best elements of Frontlines: Fuel of War, Call of Duty and Battlefield, which in essence makes it pretty good.  You have large maps and fast paced action, and no glitches while I played.

This is definitely a game that everyone should be picking up, if not buying (which I recommend) at least renting.  Yes, by not actually buying the game, in multiplayer you will only be able to get to level 5 instead of 75.

Final Verdict for Homefront:

4.5 out of 5