Who Doesn’t Want A Naughty Teddy!?

If you were like me growing up and have seen Child’s Play, you have always wanted to see other toys like the Good Guy doll go on murderous rampages (I have loved horror movies since I was 6 so I occasionally have weird thought…sue me!).  Well now our dreams have become reality, with Naughty Bear the game. Naughty Bear is a teddy bear, hell bent on revenge for being the only teddy not invited to a birthday party. Roam the streets and scare the stuffing out of the other teddy bears before impaling them with your machete, bustinga cap in their asses with your gat, going Texas Chainsaw Massacre on them with your Chainsaw, and a variety of other weapons to choose from. Due to the large number of choices the player can make each playthrough will be different. The A.I. is will have the other teddy’s form factions to try and take you down, before you can take them out for good.  You earn points through scaring the stuffing out of the out bears, intimidating them and killing the crap out of them.