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Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Infamous 2 Review…Sequel or DLC?

Before I begin, let me just first say that I’ve been a true fan of sandbox-style games since I’ve been gaming, coming in second only to JRPG’s.  That is what interested me in the “inFamous” franchise when I purchased my PS3.  Let me say that I was amazed by the well crafted storyline and comic-book style cinema which told the story of Cole MacGrath, a man caught in a disaster in Empire City, thanks to Ray Sphere, granting him powers that no man has ever possessed. What made it even more enticing was the free choice of how you wanted your character to be, Hero or Villain. This to me is somewhat of a growing trend in games these days, letting you connect more to the protagonists.  Large map, free roaming, tons of side missions and a bunch of people in distress kept me hooked for hours on end.  For those of you not familiar with “Spiderman 2,” the game style was basically a carbon copy but with a few tweaks thanks to the good people from Sucker Punch.  Yes, with this they had a hit on their hands, until…

…”Infamous 2.”  Set in New Marais(New Orleans basically), the electric charged Cole is back, and apparently so is a new threat, something known only as, “The Beast”, which you were warned about at the end of the first and prompting you for a sequel.  What else that’s new from the start is your new melee weapon called, “The Amp”, created by your buddy Zieke which lets you channel your powers through it kinda like an electric sword.

And of course you have some of your old powers from the first, such as float and rail and wire grind are incorporated into Cole, but also while doing side-quests you learn new abilities which I won’t give away here. Though Sucker Punch did improve on the graphics, made the controls more responsive and upped the in-game cinematography, making it more movie-like, what immediately turned me off was the fact that they went with a new voice-over for Cole’s character as well as took away from the comic-style feel that the first one had which, in my opinion, made it stand out from other games of this style.

Besides these little changes, with new mission objectives and different settings this could have easily been a DLC package and not a completely new game which seems to be a growing trend in the gaming industry, adding fluff and fillers and calling it fresh and new.  I gave it a rent just because I was a fan of the first and I’m glad I did, otherwise I would have spent $60 on something I didn’t even have the interest to finish let alone write a review for…

Final Verdict for inFAMOUS 2: Rental Only

2 out of 5