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Kick-Ass and The Losers Preview

Okay, so as a Nerd/Geek/Dork/All Around Loser, I don’t do much other than watch movies, read comic books and play video games, so when two or all three of those things are combined, my loose change gets all tingly.  When two different comic books have sex with two different movie studios, what is the baby going to look like? Today we are going to find out and preview two upcoming comic book movies “Kick-Ass” and “The Losers”.  But, hey!  Don’t think I am just going to leave ya hanging; these previews are just to give you a heads up about a movie or two you might not have heard of.  When they come out, within the first two days of their release I’ll review them to tell ya if it’s worth your little $11.50.

Let’s start with “Kick-Ass”: “Why?” you ask.  Simple, it’s because it comes out in theaters first.  Now, to be completely honest I read the first issue of “Kick-Ass” and wasn’t hooked, so I didn’t keep up with it.  However, I have heard it got better and I am in the process of getting the complete series and giving it a read before the movie, which I can’t wait to see.  Anywho, “Kick-Ass” is from creators Mark Millar and John Romita, Jr.  The movie adaptation is penned by Jane Goldman, Matthew Vaughn, Mark Millar and John Romita,Jr.  It’s directed by Matthew Vaughn and produced by Matthew Vaughn and Brad Pitt.

The basic story is a simple one: a New York City teenager by the name of  Dave Lizewski, who has spent his life reading comic books, one day decides that instead of daydreaming about being a hero he is going to become one.  After a few tries and a bystander filming them, a trend occurs where more everyday people begin to dress up and fight crime.  The most notable superhero other than Kick-Ass is a father daughter duo known as Hit girl and Big Daddy, and Red Mist.  All the characters interact and end up teaming up to take down a mob boss.  Now, of course like all books-turned-movies there are going to be changes.  The only one I can see from the trailer is the main character’s first try at crime fighting.  In the comic he gets his ass kicked; he gets beaten and stabbed, and while trying to make his get away gets hit by a car.  In the trailer he gets beat up, but comes out on top and someone films it and loads it to YouTube.

The movie has already caused controversy because, like in the book, the character Hit Girl is somewhere between the ages of 9-12 and is a foul mouthed little murderer(there is a good reason I don’t like kids).  Some uptight Jesus group was shocked that a 12 year old girl was killing people in such a brutal manner, and she at one point says, “Okay you cunts, lets see what you can do now.”  The book is overly violent and horrific, and word around the internet has been positive.  So, if ya got a few bucks and would like to see a movie where a 12 year old girl is killing mobsters, “Kick-Ass” hits theaters April 16, 2010.

Now onto “The Losers,” which is an interesting beast.  The movie is an adaptation of a comic book remake.  The first Generation of the Losers was about a squad of men from all branches of the military set in World War II.  The squad members were all commanders that lost men under their command and all of them felt responsible, so they called themselves The Losers.  The main characters in the first series are as follows:  Captain William Storm, Sarge Clay, Gunner Mackey, and Johnny Cloud.  Each character had appeared on his own in various other DC Comics before being brought in for The Losers.

Lets jump to the Second Generation of The Losers, which is the version the movie is based on.  The comic is written by Andy Diggle.  Okay, so the setting for the new version of The Losers is current day and the War on Terror.  The Losers are as follows:  Lt.Col Franklin Clay, Capt. William Roque, Cpl. Jake Jensen,  Sgt. Carlos “Cougar” Alvarez, Sgt. Linwood “Pooch” Porteous and Aisha al-Fadhil.  In the comic and movie each of these guys has a gimmick: Clay is always in a black suit with no tie, Roque has a big facial scar and is driven by money, Jensen is the nerd, Carlos is the sniper, Linwood the driver/pilot, and Aisha  is the crazy bitch.

The story of The Losers is a simple one:  They were a special forces unit working for the C.I.A in the 90’s until their handler, Max, turned on them and left them for dead.  Now they want revenge, but along the way they find out Max is more powerful than anyone could have guessed.  Simple story but entertaining, and not the main reason why this movie is going to be good.  It is very rare that a geek/nerd movie comes out with a cast that has decent geek cred.  Lets run down this cast: Clay is played by Jeffery Dean Morgan, who played the Comedian in “The Watchmen” and was also on “Supernatural”.  Roque  is played by Idris Elba who was in “Rock’n’rolla”, “28 Weeks Later”, “The Wire” (sorry, love that show) and is going to be in “Thor”.  Jensen is played by Chris Evans, who is from both “Fantastic Four” movies and “Push”.  Columbus Short plays Linwood; okay not much cred there.  Oscar Janeda is Carlos, and Jason Patric round out the cast.  Oh, and did I forget Zoe Saldana, who was in “Pirates of the Caribbean” and “Star Trek?”  Sweet Jesus, the loose change I would drop on her face!

Anywho, the movie is produced  by Joel Silver, and yeah, that’s about it.  If the story doesn’t hook it, the cast should.  “The Losers” hits April 23, 2010.