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Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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KittSezRawr T1GN’s Gaming Goddess

I chose this young woman to be the final Gaming Goddess of 2010, not because she is hot (but of course she is), not because she is Canadian (even though that scores you major points with me), but because she is a badass gamer and my Battlefield buddy, who always make her teammates look a thousand times better.  This weeks T1GN Gaming Goddess, and the final Gaming Goddess of 2010, is KittSezRawr!

In honor of this being the final Gaming Goddess of the year I’ve decided to make this a Q and A post.

MoonDoggie82: Where are you from?

Kitty: Currently living in Vancouver, BC, hoping to relocate in the next year to be closer to my BF who lives in Seattle.

MoonDoggie82: When did you get into gaming?

Kitty: Childhood.  I have an older brother I idolized while growing up, anything he did I did too.  Working on cars and video games are the two major things I picked up from him.  I used to watch him play for hours, picking up little techniques and tricks.  Now though, he couldn’t take me on in any game :D

MoonDoggie82: What’s your favorite video game?

Kitty: Right now I’m pretty hooked on Battlefield Bad Company 2.  Trying to get my rank 50 (only three away!).  I’ve also put about 1000 hours in the left 4 dead series.  I like to perfect a game before moving onto another.

MoonDoggie82: Who would win a fight, Zombies or Ninjas?

Kitty: Ninjas for sure!

MoonDoggie82: If you could be any video game character who would it be and why?

Kitty: Of course I automatically started thinking of female characters, and in the end I decided I would be Chun Li.  She is cute, tough and can kick some ass.  She was the first female character I played besides Mrs.Pacman, and I find Chun Li pretty likable.  She is kicking ass to avenge her fathers death; that’s pretty honorable.

MoonDoggie82: If you could play one game for the rest of your life what would it be?

Kitty: Yikes…one game for the rest of my life?!  In what hell did I get sent to?!  lol!

MoonDoggie82Battlefield or COD and why?

Kitty: Battlefield.  COD is more of an arcade game, too many kids and campers.  I like the realism (as realistic as a video game can be) of Battlefield, realistic guns and vehicles, compared to COD of course.

You can find Kitty playing Battlefield Bad Company 2 or on GameCrush.

  • Mario

    This girl is hot!!…and…and! ..she kicks ass on Battlefield Bad co 2, i can't touch her when we play against each other, but the first time we met on Battlefield we were fighting with knives near the down chopper in White pass..no guns ..that was funny as hell. Go ahead girl kick ass!!

    Mister Mario1