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Lazer Team Review

Lazer Team

I want to preface this review by stating that I am a huge fan of Roosterteeth and love most of their productions (Red vs Blue, RWBY, X-Ray and Vav and the RT Shorts). However, that does not mean I didn’t go into Lazer Team without reservations. Is Lazer Team going to just feel like an extended RT short? Is it going to be so riddled with inside RT jokes that it will alienate the general population? Can Michael Jones and Gavin Free act? Answers: No, No and Yes!


Lazer Team is the story of four screw ups in a small Texas town – spineless Deputy Hagan (Burnie Burns), the town drunk Herman (Colton Dunn), star High School quarterback Zach (Michael Jones), and country bumpkin Woody (Gavin Free). They are thrown into the roles of reluctant heroes after finding an alien battle suit that was intended for Adam (Alan Ritchson), who has been trained since birth to be Earth’s Champion. With only 5 days remaining until aliens come to Earth to do battle, the Lazer Team must learn to work as a team to use a suit intended for one person.

Dern Fire

Matt Hullum created an amazing Sci-fi comedy that successfully blends sci-fi and action with lighthearted comedy where neither one is overpowering the other. And yet every so often you get a little bit of that Rooster Teeth awkward moment, especially every time Kirk C. Johnson was on screen.

kirk c johnson

With a budget of just under 2.5 million dollars I was pleasantly surprised with the caliber of the visual and practical effects. However, what I really enjoyed was the character development of Deputy Hagan finally being the leader he was meant to be, Zach stepping up when nobody else will, and Adam coming to grips with his birthright being stolen away from him.

All in all I was extremely happy with the way Lazer Team turned out as both a fan and a lover of films, and defiantly believe both fans and newcomers alike will enjoy Lazer Team. Now, if we could only see some traction on Day 5.