Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

Videos featuring Team Vexual Healing on the Xbox One. More »


Lazer Team Teaser Released

Since winning the title of most funded film in Indiegogo history things have been relatively quite, but now we have the teaser trailer:

And now we will have to wait until March 16th at SXSW to see the full trailer, but until then you can watch the Rooster Teeth antics in the links below.

LAZER TEAM Official Socials
Lazer Team Website: LazerTeamTheMovie.com
Lazer Team Facebook: Facebook.com/LazerTeamMovie

Rooster Teeth Socials
Rooster Teeth Website: Roosterteeth.com
Rooster Teeth Twitter: Twitter.com/RoosterTeeth
Rooster Teeth Facebook: Facebook.com/RoosterTeeth
Rooster Teeth YouTube: YouTube.com/RoosterTeeth