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Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Lego Harry Potter Review

Now that I have been able to get Lego Harry Potter away from my wife, I’ve been playing it almost non-stop.  I am a big fan of the Lego games, mainly because they are fun, simple, and break up the monotony of FPS and RPG’s, and Harry Potter is no different.

As soon as you start the game, the typical Lego humor is apparent, although I won’t lie, after playing so many Lego games it does get tiresome, especially when it is a long cut-scene.  Playing the controls feel like home…if that makes any sense.  No changes need to be made to make playing easier.  The only adjustment that needed to be changed is the brightness; the original settings made the game nearly unplayable because it was so dark.

I noticed something I hadn’t seen in the other Lego games- there are a lot of collectibles, and when I say a lot I mean A LOT.  Even after hours of playing and tons of collectibles were found, I was still only around 9% complete.  Lego took full advantage of the deep and rich Harry Potter universe, leaving practically every nook and cranny explorable.

The main plot points from the movie are present and accounted for, plus the added benefit of getting to see behind the veil, exploring the different houses, more of the school grounds, etc.  Like I said before, there are a ton of things to collect, mainly characters, many of which, I might add, I have never heard of before.

The camera is still pretty bad; half the time when I went to jump onto a ledge I would miss it and die because from where the camera was positioned it looked as though I was good when I wasn’t, but after a while you learn the trick to it (No Falling Brick).

The Good:

  • There are tons of things to collect.
  • Watching Ron getting hit with stuff and getting hurt doesn’t get old.
  • Controls are extremely easy to figure out, even with all the different types of magical spells.

The Bad:

  • In the Lego series they still haven’t fixed the crap camera.
  • The characters you are unlocking are pretty much unknown, so it makes you wonder why they even wasted the time putting them in the game at all.

Harry Potter Years 1 – 4 is a great game, but can sometimes feel overwhelming with the overabundance of items needed to collect to obtain the 100% complete, but in all fairness it makes the replay value high because you will be going back to get more and more of them.  Lego Harry Potter is definitely suited for fans of the Potter-verse and newcomers (lets be honest how many newcomers are there really).  Buy the game, and if you don’t use the cheat codes (you can though it doesn’t affect the achievements/trophies, but come on…really?!?) you will be coming back time and time again.

Final Verdict:

4.5 out of 5