Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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New Level of Portable Gaming

This past E3 something amazing was revealed, so marvelous that I nearly cried, and now I know what I want for Christmas.The Gaems (don’t pay attention to the bad spelling) Portable Gaming and Entertainment System, will carry your Xbox 360 or PS3 has a 15-inch, 720p LCD screen in the lid and speakers and all of this is contained within this little suitcase. Controllers will not fit and word yet on power supplies but who cares. The Gaems suitcase should be shipping out before the end of the year just in time for the holiday, so like I said before I know what I’m getting do you know what you’re getting?

And the CEO Dean Mercier, states that he was been using it for over a year now and no RROD (Red Rings of Death), and no scratched discs.

Oh, I forgot the best part it’s $250.

UPDATE: 1/22/11

The price has been changed to $299.