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Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Lisa Foiles T1GN’s Gaming Goddess

Okay, so we’re going to try something new over here at The One Gaming Nation.  Each week we are going to give you a dose of gaming hotties.   It can be a celebrity, a pseudo celebrity, or the girl next door.   We will be taking suggestions and, chances are, it may not be safe for work.

For our first Gaming Goddess we have Lisa Foiles.   Lisa’s big break came when she beat out 1,500 other actors to join the cast of the relaunched Nickelodeon series “All That” (season 7, 2007).  She remained on the show until its cancellation at the end of Season 10 (2005).  That’s about the time she received her very first XBox as a little swag from Nickelodeon.

During her time on “All That,” Lisa also appeared as Mallory, the female version of Malcolm on “Malcolm in the Middle“,  Carla for 2 episodes on “Even Stevens”, and had an uncredited part in Master of Disguise, starring Dana Carvey.  Although she has taken a break from acting, her love of video games is as prevalent as ever; at one point she even worked at Gamestop as a Game Advisor.

It started with The Secret of Monkey Island, and she still feels it was the best game ever made.  She is a contributing columnist for Kotaku.com, created her own website SavePoint in 2009, and also has her Video Games are Sexy blog, as well as her own official website.

Lisa is a beautiful, intelligent, and undeniably funny woman and a damn good gamer, and if you feel differently, then you can go tell her because I do not want a controller thrown at my head.

Lisa on the Inter-web:

Lisa Foiles Online

Save Point

Video Games are Sexy

Lisa on Twitter

  • Sheila

    Where'd you get the Harley Quinn costume?

  • me

    woaaahh, harley quinn lookalike…. lol….and i thought my jokes were bad