Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Medal of Honor Beta

Because I just found out about this, I figure there are plenty of others out there that don’t realize this either. The multiplayer beta testing began yesterday for Medal of Honor, and all you need to do is preorder the game. You will receive a code that you will need to redeem on the Medal of Honor website, and then just pick whether you want to play on PS3, Xbox 360, or PC.  Right now the Xbox 360 choice isn’t available (of course why wouldn’t there be problems) but it should be up and running next week.  Also you must have an EA account I’m assuming it’s kinda like the deal with Mass Effect 2 if you wanted the special armor.

And if you, like me have and play Battlefield: Bad Company 2, you would have been able to gain access to the beta on June 17th instead of June 22nd.

That’s all the info I feel like giving you right now, I am going down to Gamestop to trade in Modern Warfare 2 (since I haven’t touched that game in like 5 months) and slap down a preorder for Medal of Honor.