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Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Metal Gear Survive Review

If you have come here hoping for a glowing review of Konomi’s newest entry into the Metal Gear franchise, you will be sorely mistaken. If you were hoping that without the guidance of Kojima, Konami would be able to make a game that would live up to the entirety of the Metal Gear back catalog, again you would be wrong. Instead what you’re met with is a game trying very hard to be something that it is not: a survival/resource management game.

When you first jump into the beta, expect to be confused. There doesn’t seem to be any access to the single player to test out, so this will solely be based on the multiplayer portion of the game, which I am sure is what they want to push. It’s not a dumb move, game companies have been putting more of an emphasis in multiplayer due to the vast amounts of money to be made in that realm. You’re dumped into an empty virtual world with a bunch of circles on the ground and where nothing is clearly labeled. Once you get to the right circle you can choose only a few missions, to either do solo, bring in some friends or search for a party….which takes forever!

I decided to give it a go solo style with the easy mission. Because it’s easy, one would even say it’s a starter mission. How hard could it be? So here’s the thing, besides collecting resources to build, repair, medicate and eat, there is also combat. Combat is a thing… not a good thing, but a thing.

You start off in an easy enough area and move downhill, knife and spear at the ready and an unwitting enemy to stealthily melee. Now it’s a good thing that the knife was already set as the prime weapon because I had no idea how to switch weapons. With 5 minutes to get to the objective I just wanted to collect resources and eliminate some of the enemy stragglers. With that taken care of, I made my way to the drill to fight off waves of grotesque enemies. 3 waves to be exact and I survived 1.

So after using all of the free revive pills given to me and still losing, I was sent back to the waiting room. After a brief rage induced meltdown I wandered the bland waiting room and found an area that that opens all the crafting stations. This would actually be very helpful if I had any crafting material, which I did not. When you die during the missions and are sent back to the waiting room none of the resources you collected come back with you. I also found the training area which you also can not access until you beat at least one mission because you need kuban point to level up.

Here is what I found wrong with the combat as a whole as simply as possible: the spear has barely any reach and it seems as if all you can do is poke when a long range melee weapon like that should have a larger area of attack, something like a sweeping attack. The sledge hammer while powerful is extremely slow to use and when surrounded by enemies just useless. The knife is okay, I mean it has a sweeping attack but enemies need to be closer for it to work. However, the second an enemy touches you, you put the knife away and cannot attack with it until you take it back out. This boggles my mind: I have my weapon out but when I’m attack it’s automatically put away so I can not defend myself? Lastly, the gun, shooting mechanics in this game are terrible. There is almost no difference between firing from the hip and looking down iron sights because it’s all the same view because LT keeps the gun in your hand and RT fires, that’s it I found no way to zoom in. You just kinda sorta aim at the enemy and let it rip. I tried this out with both the pistol and the mechs and aiming was all the same.

Visually Metal Gear Survive is ugly. If you loved the visuals in Phantom Pain prepared to be disappointed. I was surprised since this is made on the Fox Engine. Maybe it’s because it’s just a beta, however I would think that this is their marketing to get people hyped for the game and pre-order the game. I would expect them to try and put their best foot forward, but this is a terrible first showing.

In the end, the Metal Gear Survive will find a fanbase. I don’t think it will flounder as badly as LawBreakers because Metal Gear has an established fanbase, however it is NOT a Metal Gear game. Like I said above Metal Gear Survive is trying to be something it’s not: a Metal Gear game, a survival game and a resource management game and I really don’t feel it succeed at any of them. If you want a Metal Gear game go back to the back catalog, if you want a survival/resource management game, I would check out 7 Days to Die or Don’t Starve.