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Michael Bay’s TMNT

Dave Rapozas - Ninja Turtles

Oh, the venom that spews from the mouths of the anonymous internet people whenever this movie is mentioned. Here is why I am still holding out hope for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…

Megan Fox is April O’Neil:

The new April O'neil

Here is why I’m okay with Megan playing April O’Neil: she is hot, ’nuff said. I really am hoping that this is as close to the yellow jumpsuit as we get. You can find more photos of Megan Fox (including ones of her as April jumping on a trampoline) over at The Superficial.

April on trampoline

There is a lot of secrecy around who will be the Shredder.  At first the rumor was that it was Will Arnett ,but it was revealed that Arnett would be playing Vernon Fenwick, April O’Neil’s spineless colleague who keeps trying to take her job and blames crime in the city on the Turtles. Now, this is just me spit balling, but I assume April’s character is starting off as kind of a feel-good-fluff-reporter, not unlike Colbie Smulders’ character of Robin on “How I Met Your Mother”, and after meeting the turtles and reporting on their adventures, she skyrockets to fame and Arnett’s Fenwick is not happy about that.

Vernon Fenwick and April Oneil

The second I heard William Fichtner was cast in a secret role I immediately knew he was as the Shredder. I mean, come on, look at him. On IMDB, Fichtner’s role is left blank it doesn’t take a genius to realized that they need an actor the caliber of Fichtner to play the cold-as-ice bad ass villain.

William Fichtner is The Shredder

Here is my problem with the Turtles themselves: I know who a couple of the actors playing the Turtles are, and I even think Noel Fisher is a pretty good actor, but voice-wise I think it would have been smarter to throw martial artists in the turtle suits and had the voice actors from the original cartoon or even the voice actors from Nickleodeon’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (currently airing Friday’s at 7pm). Nick’s TMNT is actually really good, and I even watch it with my son.

Fun fact: Michelangelo on the rebooted cartoon series is voiced by Rob Paulsen, the original voice of Raphael.

Am I expecting Oscar winning performances from this movie? No. What I am expecting is to have fun watching a movie. See, I enjoyed the “Transformer” movies because I didn’t over-think everything and feel like my youth was being raped. They were summer blockbuster movies about robot aliens fighting each other on Earth. If you were expecting to see a masterful work of cinema, go watch a Kurosawa film or “The Artist.”  Also, don’t get all judge-y yet because, remember, Michael Bay isn’t directing; Jonathan Liebesman is directing and he isn’t half bad.

I figure we can all collectively lose our shit (good or bad) once we see what the hell the Turtles are supposed to look like.