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Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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Medal of Honor: Multiplayer Review

The Bionic Ankle has already told all of you that the campaign is well worth playing, but is the multiplayer?  Did Medal of Honor live up to its hype??

I’ll save you all a long review where I rant a lot about the problems and I’ll get right to the chase: DICE more than dropped the ball on this endeavor.  It feels like they dug a six foot grave, stabbed the ball a lot, slammed it into the hole, and buried it. There really isn’t a better way to describe this colossally epic fail.

  1. There is ridiculous lag, and for no good reason.  If there are less then 10,000 people in a game type, and we are on dedicated servers, there should be ZERO lag.  I can understand the first couple of days, the first three at the most.
  2. Call of Duty players need not apply.  If you want to play a run and gun game pick something else.  In this game you play as a team.  Especially if you are playing Combat Mission, the whole point of the game type is to work as a team to accomplish objectives.  DICE needs to add a kick-player-feature to boot the (and I hate this word) NOOBS, that don’t know how to play team based tactical games.
  3. Why are there SOOOOO many sniping spots?  I mean, a couple are fine and expected, but to have the map riddled with them, it makes you feel like you’re playing COD: WaW.
  4. Why is sniping so easy?  It is to the point that you can run and gun with it and get a one shot kill.  The whole point of being a sniper is that you give up mobility to have a more accurate shot.
  5. There really need to be more maps in DICE’s games.  I kind of get the feeling that they are just being lazy when it comes to creating maps.  With Bad Company 2, they just unlocked the maps for a game type you couldn’t previously play it on and they tell you it’s a new map pack.  I feel the same thing will be happening for Medal of Honor, because I think I have only played on three maps. I hope you gamers out there are smart enough to not waste money on the fake ass “map packs” that DICE releases.
  6. When you’re in a party with friends it takes a couple of tries the majority of the time to actually be on the same team. What’s the point of a party system if you aren’t on the same team?
  7. Grenades and the grenade launcher are garbage! Unless you get a direct hit it does zero damage.
  8. Why is it when you run into a rock you can’t run over it but it’s a giant hassle to get around and or jump over?
  9. Weapon customization is a joke, and the way weapons and attachments unlock is just plain stupid.  It’s as if DICE said “Hey, I know how we can get them to play more multiplayer! Let’s make the unlocks so time consuming that when they finally unlock the weapons they also want to kill themselves with it.”

Those were just a few of the problems with the game; I don’t want to spend anymore time ripping the game down because it is basically a disappointment.  There were some good aspects to the game (visually it is beautiful, when you get your team together and everyone is acting less like they are playing COD and and more like they’re playing a team tactical game the game it is a blast).  There really aren’t enough good aspects of the multiplayer to make it a must play, and that sucks because I had high hopes that Medal of Honor would be the top rival for COD Black Ops, but alas that will not happen.  Try bringing your A-game to projects DICE.  Battlefield Vietnam better not suck.

Final Verdict for Medal of Honor Multiplayer:

2 out of 5

Editor’s Note: This game aggravates me on the same level as World at War, and the only reason I haven’t destroyed yet another controller in because Fallout New Vegas is out today and I don’t feel like buying another controller.