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Let\\\'s Play Destiny 2

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More Cries From The C.o.D. Camp…

As you all know, I am an avid hater of the “Call of Duty” franchise and its fanboys because they are some of the most one-sided and jaded minds in the gaming industry.  So, I’m here to try and sway the masses away from Activision’s milked dry FPS cash cow by bringing you whatever updates these suits are shoveling your way and helping you read between the lines.  Here’s this weeks load of crap;

“Sledgehammer Games CEO Glen Schofield made a bold statement at this years Gamescom. During an interview with Gamestrailers at Gamescom last week while discussing Modern Warfare 3′s new Spec Ops Mode he made the following statement; ‘Some things are just too big for the consoles we have right now, we always want to throw in 1 more tank or 10 different enemies but we have a long way to go…’ So it would appear that Sledgehammer actually feels held back by the current console generations limitations.”  Well, Glenn, the good people of DICE and Crytek didn’t seen to have the same issues with their productions, “Battlefield 3” and “Crysis 2,” and basically what I’m understanding is that you’re too lazy to create a whole new engine to accommodate what specifics you want out of your titles.  It can’t be the fact, either, that it’s too expensive to do, what with all the millions of dollars in sales you make, so to me it’s blatant laziness and lack of interest in producing a quality product.  You continue to rely on the old saying, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”  You’d rather continue to rely heavily on a five year old engine that’s modded to build off the original one, which from anyone’s standpoint, you should be ashamed of because anything you release will be considered dated by today’s standards.  Sure, you’re looking to get 60fps, but at what cost?  Is it worth sacrificing game quality for a high frame-rate?  An example of a game that ran at a high frame rate and gave you a superior gaming experience was Santa Monica Studios’ “God of War 3,” which showed you what this generation’s consoles can bring to the table.

How it will look compared to the competition in a few years.(Call of Duty 1)

Here’s my advice to you Activision: if you wish to continue to have longevity and success with your “Call of Duty” franchise, then you will squash whatever projects you have coming out next year between Sledgehammer’s rumored release of a futuristic “CoD” (not wise anyway, because Zampella, West and the 70% of Infinity Ward that left to create the producing company Respawn Games under EA, are due for a similar release), as well as anything that Treyarch is going to spit out and flood with zombie play, and have your “developers” come together and create a new gaming engine that has better compression of data rates than the current one so you will be able to compete with tomorrow’s FPS market.  Most of your competition is three steps ahead of you, and by the time you catch up, not even your most loyal of fanboys will be buying your garbage.

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